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What is InstaCare Software For Fitness Centers

Software for the fitness centre is an especially tailored software for gyms and fitness centre. It enables the coaches to keep a piece of complete information about their clients. Moreover, trainers can share workouts in the form of videos with their clients. Also, they can create customized nutritional charts through this software for their clients. Furthermore, you can manage all the inventory of your business through this software. Since inventory management is so critical for any business, therefore you should keep an eye on sales and purchase of stocks so that you can manage a balance between them. You can take care of your fitness club inventory by using software for fitness club. The software would alarm you if you have purchased more than designated stocks or if your business is going down and you require to procure less. 

What are the benefits of InstaCare Software For Fitness Centers

Imagine if you have to create a nutritional plan for your customers and have to do all the calculations on your own, it would surely take a lot of your time. Moreover, there is a chance of error as well by doing calculations yourself. If you would do your work through the software for the fitness centre, you would not require to do calculations. When you will enter your client’s detail in the software, it would calculate body mass index, daily calorie requirement and calories deficit required, all by itself. Since this system would save plenty of your time, effort and money, therefore you should consider using it for your gym or fitness centre.


Paperless Management

You can transform your organizational activities into a paperless system by shifting it to software for the fitness centre. Through it, you can store all the information and keep it safe in a digital form.

10X More Efficiency

If you would use software for the fitness centre, eventually your productivity and working efficiency would be enhanced. By using this software you can perform all the activities in less time with low-cost investment.

Industry Compliance

Software for the fitness centre is an industry compliant software. Many fitness centres are already using this software to streamline their workflow and make it hassle-free, less time consuming and peaceful.

Flexible Pricing Model

No matter how many clients you entertain and how many records you keep in the software, you will have to pay a fixed designated amount. The amount will not vary according to the client's influx.

What are the Features of InstaCare Software For Fitness Centers

Membership Records Management

The software for the fitness centre would keep a complete record of clients membership. In this software, you can keep all the information about your clients safe and secure. Moreover, you can keep an eye on all the ongoing activities of your fitness centre.

Diet Plan Creation

The software for the fitness centre enables the coaches or trainers to provide their customers with a customized diet plan. It will show suggestions that you can choose, making it easier to provide a diet plan. Furthermore, it will have stored data about calories that will help in the total calorie intake calculation.

Biometric Integration

The clients will have to do their biometric verification at the time of registration. Biometric registration makes the atmosphere secure because unknown people would not be allowed to enter the premises. You can, therefore, provide security to your clients as well.

SMS Alerts

The software for fitness center sends automated SMS to remind their clients about the meeting with the trainer or a coach. Therefore it helps in the reduction of no show visits that leads to loss of precious time of trainers and coaches.

Fee & Subscription Management

The software for the fitness centre will keep you updated about which client has paid the fees on time. Or which client’s payment is due. Since there are different plans of membership the clients opt for, therefore it is difficult to keep fee and subscription record manually.

Inventory Management

You can manage your inventory in a well-organized manner by using the software for the fitness centre. This software would protect your business from overstocking as well as understocking. Moreover, it will update you about the number of goods you need to stock.

Income & Expense Insights

You can get an understanding of sales, purchase, profit and all the financial activities by using the software for the fitness centre. The software would generate a report that will inform you about income and expense in the form of graphical representation.

One-Click Backups

You can keep all the data of your fitness centre safe by storing it in software for the fitness centre. This is because you can back up the data daily by just a single click. No matter if you lose it, you can get it back with ease.

Software For Fitness Centers Packages


iPro For Gyms version is used by gyms with monthly client flow less than 30.

Why You Need Only InstaCare Software For Fitness Centers

InstaCare is serving all over Pakistan and, we have enough of delighted consumers. Our program has an easy interface, reasonable cost and accuracy. We will take care of all the maintenance of the program through the cloud. You will not require to pay the IT specialists for the supervision and, maintenance of the software. Through it, you can keep a complete description of how is your business growing? How effective is your faculty working? What can you accomplish to make it better?

Moreover, you can double the overall clinical productivity. Through the practice of software for the fitness centre, you can shorten your staff hence save the money. You can think using InstaCare software because we have many programs with flexible cost and varied qualities. Our software is bundled with features that would support you to enhance overall clinical productivity, permitting you to perform better and in a competent way.

Software For Fitness Centers Customers reviews

InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my clients, diet plans and other gym related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in gym industry to use this software as an aid.
InstaCare Allows me to manage my clients appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all gym owners seeking to digitize their gyms.
Best Software for my managing gym related activities, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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