Spa Management Software

Our spa management software enables you to digitalize your business. It is a software that will keep a complete record of your clients and all of the ongoing activities. Moreover, it would manage the inventory and create the bills in a single click, without the need for external help.

patients and practice management software

What is InstaCare Spa Management Software

The spa management software is a system that keeps a complete record of your clients and their detail. Moreover, it creates bills, invoices, manages inventory, enables your clients to book their appointments. It shares a lot of your workload by helping you in day to day operations of your spa. This software will keep a complete record about how many people did you entertain in a day? What was your best service? What was your client’s feedback?

This software also makes creating bills easier than manual bill creation. You can get a detailed bill on a single click. Furthermore, your clients can pay online through this software. They do not need to carry cash with themselves, because they can pay through internet banking or mobile banking for the availed services via this software.

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    What are the benefits of InstaCare Spa Management Software

    Using spa management software has many benefits. It enables you to increase overall productivity. Moreover, it helps in the task management of your spa and keeps you informed about everything. If you would use a spa management software, you will not need different types of equipment like stationery, papers, pens, photocopies and fax etc. Hence you can save money that you would invest in buying all these products. 

    Spa management software also sends automated reminders to your clients in the form of emails and text messages. Due to this feature, your clients would not forget about their appointments. Therefore, it reduces the chance of overbooking and no show visits, also, making it hassle-free and peaceful. Moreover, it has an inventory management system that lets you manage sales and purchase of stocks. Through it, you can get a sense of how many products you have to buy and how much of them you have already used.


    This software saves a lot of your time. You can transform your business into digital means by using this software. Therefore you would not need to invest time in writing bills, doing calculations on your own, or counting the products you have bought, or counting the products you need to buy. The spa management software would perform all the mentioned activities on its own.


    This software helps you in saving money. If you are using it for your spa, you can cut down the staff that you would need to create bills, create tokens, queue management, inventory management and appointment booking. Therefore you can save the amount you would invest in paying your staff members through using this software. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your business activities as well.

    Safe and secure

    You can make your business data safe and secure by storing it in the spa management software. You do not need to worry if you ever lose data due to theft or any other incident. All the data of your business would be automatically backed up daily. In this way, you can recover that even after losing it.

    10x more efficiency

    This software enables you to serve better to your customers. Your staff members would not have to focus on other activities if your spa would have this software. All they would have to focus on would be your clients. Therefore they would be able to concentrate on serving better to your clients.

    What are the Features of InstaCare Spa Management Software

    Clients Management

    You can manage the day to day operations of your spa efficiently in an organized manner. Moreover, it will contain a complete detail about your clients. This software manages activities like queue management, bill payment and appointment booking. Therefore, leading to hassle-free clients management


    Through this software, the staff members can produce customized bills in a few minutes. Since it contains a list of everything that you have served, the software charges those services and generates the bill in a few minutes. Therefore, making it smoother for individuals to check out from the spa because they can pay off their bills without any trouble.

    Reporting System

    This software creates a detailed report about your business. It enables you to review sales, purchases, expense and profit in a pictorial or graphical form. This feature makes it easy and fast to understand the activities going on in your business.

    One-Click Backups

    This software has a feature of one-click backup that enables its users to backup all the data in a single click. You do not have to fear about losing the data due to theft, fire or any other incident because you can get it back with ease. This feature makes your data safe and secure.

    Appointments Scheduling

    Your customers can schedule appointments on their own from anywhere at any moment by using this software. All they would require is their registration number, any smart device and an internet network. Also, they can pay online for the services availed in the spa. Moreover, it sends automated reminders to remind them about the appointment.


    Software for spa management enables the administration to brand their services on a screen. People waiting in the waiting area will most probably have a look at the screen and can avail the services they will display on the screen. This feature lets you create more customers and eventually increase sales.

    Multi-User Access

    More than one person can access the same business account at a time. This feature makes it easy to plan something or to discuss any business-related matter like sales, purchase etc. However, the staff members should have a registered account to access the records.

    SMS Alerts

    This software sends automated reminders to the clients in the form of SMS, emails and phone calls. Through this feature, your clients would not miss their appointment at the spa. Moreover, this feature helps in maintaining punctuality, making it easier for the staff to work in a peaceful and well-organized manner. Eventually, it increases overall productivity.

    Spa Management Software Packages


    iPro Lite version is used by spas with monthly client flow less than 30.

    patients and practice management software

    iPro Professional version is used by spas with monthly client flow greater than 30. 

    Why You Need Only InstaCare Spa Management Software

    InstaCare has many different types of software that are being used in the hospitals, clinics, salons and spas. We are providing our services all over Pakistan and have plenty of satisfied and delighted customers. You can save a lot of your time, effort and money by using this software. Moreover, it enables you to streamline the ongoing processes of your business. You can serve better to your clients by using the spa management software.

    Spa Management Software Customers reviews

    InstaCare spa management software is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my clients, appointments and other business related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in salon industry.
    InstaCare spa management software allows me to manage my client appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all salon owners seeking to digitize their business.

    Best software for my spa, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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