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Appointments Scheduling & Billing Software

If you need a comprehensive software to manage your appointments, billing and inventory then here’s our solution for you.


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    Appointments Scheduling & Billing Software

    iPro Lite is an extremely powerful app for Appointments Scheduling and Billing that uses the convenience of technology to make workflow simpler for your Business. Every task that was once manual and repetitive gets automated to help the business to focus better on their customers.

    It comes with features like Appointments Scheduling, Inventory Management, Billing and Reports for Income and Expense. These Features make iPro Lite the best appointment scheduling and billing software in Pakistan .

    Appointments Scheduling

    The appointment scheduling and billing software contains an appointment management feature which enables you to manage the appointments easily and reduces no show visits. It reminds you via SMS about the client’s appointments and the payments made so that you do not miss anything important. This feature helps in improving overall business productivity.

    Medical Billing Software

    Billing System

    The staff can create an easy to understand, simple and detailed bill of all the services being provided to the patients. They can also customize the bill by using electronic health record software.

    MORE features

    Appointments Management

    Appointments can be easily managed through the Software. You can easily managed and schedule new Appointments.

    Inventory Management

    The Products can be managed through the Software easily.


    The Software gives you useful insights about the Income and Expense being generated from your business.

    One-Click Backups

    The electronic health record software contains a feature of one-click backup. This lets you back up all the important data so that you do not lose it.

    Patient Management

    Membership records for the Customers can be easily managed through the Membership Feature in the Software.

    Billing System

    The Billing for the Customers can easily be managed through the Software.It gives alert about pending dues.

    SMS Alerts

    It reminds you via SMS about the patient's appointments and the payments made so that you do not miss anything important.


    You can place Order to the vendors added on your panel. Furthermore you can track the status of the order.

    Customers reviews

    InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
    InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

    Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.