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Our advanced clinic management system software helps in automating and digitizing your clinics, big and small, so you can grow your clinic and practice without the hassle of managing your patients, medical records and electronic records.

Clinic Management System & Software by InstaCare

What is a Clinic Management System & Software

A clinic management system & software is a robust cloud-based clinic system that manages operations of your clinic. It can help you in medical billing, online appointments, payments, inventory management and many more. Through it, you can save the patient’s details safely and securely.

The clinic management software would perform all the administrative activities without the need for external help. Also, it would keep your clinic’s data safe and secure. Everyone can not access the data through a clinic management system because it would ask the person about password and login identity. If you would store the data on the clinic management software, it would be backed up daily. So, if your data is damaged due to some reasons like theft, fire or any other cause you can have a backup plan to access the records.

A clinic management system software also keeps you updated about when and to whom you have to make next payment and which of your client has not paid the bills on time, who has gone overdue

What are the benefits of a Clinic Management Software

Safety is one of the important parts of patients record keeping. The clinic management system protects your records very well. Not everyone can access the stored record. An administrator would provide the details to their trusted people for logging in to the software and accessing the records. Only trusted people like employees would be allowed to do so. Therefore the patient’s record and the clinic’s data would remain safe and secure. Moreover, the staff members can only access from the IP address they have given to the administration, therefore they can not access it from different sources.

Flexible Clinic System

Clinic management software is a flexible system. It works by adjusting itself according to the business needs. It will neither collapse if the working load is increased. Nor it would cost extra added money for an additional load. You can manage all the process of your clinic by this software in a designated cost. Therefore, the charges of this software remain the same either if your number of clients is increased or decreased.

Reduces cost

Clinic management system is a flexible system. It works by adjusting itself according to the business needs. It will neither collapse if the working load is increased. Nor it would cost extra added money for an additional load. You can manage all the process of your clinic by this software in a designated cost. Therefore, the charges of this software remain the same either if your number of clients is increased or decreased.

Access it anytime from anywhere

The administrator would grant permission to access the software to its staff members. Therefore the healthcare providers can access their patient's record anytime from anywhere. They do not need to ask anyone to bring the patient's record. In this way, healthcare professionals can monitor the progress and betterment of their patients virtually. All that the staff needs to access the patient's record is a smart device and an internet connection.

Saves Time

The clinic management software saves a lot of your time. By using it, you can easily reach patients records in seconds. All you would need is a medical record number. You would not have to search the file from a stock, hence saving your time. Also, it would let you streamline inventory management, staff attendance, punctuality of the staff and many more. The healthcare providers do not need to wait for getting the file to do case evaluation.

What are the Features of a Clinic Management System & Software

Clinic Patients Management

The clinic management software is a complete hub of patient’s information. It keeps a complete record of patients important detail like name, age, gender, phone number, allergies, blood group, medication history, disease history, previous prescriptions, vitals, doctors notes and other details. Since all these details are important for patient management, a clinic management software helps in the proper and efficient management of patients. Through using it, you can perform all the tasks in a well-organized way.

Medical Billing

Clinic management software has made medical billing much easier and faster than before. It lets you create bills and invoices in a single click. If billing is done manually, it takes a lot of time and effort. Since everything is completely available on the software about the services patient has availed, therefore it generates the whole bill in minutes, making check out easier for patients. Also, you can create customized bills by using the software.

Inventory management

Since inventory management is an essential part of every business, you should keep an eye on its inventory. The clinic management software manages inventory and keeps you informed about stocks. It would protect you from overstocking and under-stocking that can be lethal for your business. It will alarm you if there are few stocks left or if you have bought more than the designated and the needed amount of goods.

Queue Management

With the use of clinic management software, you can manage the queues in a well-organised manner at your place. It would create tokens for each customer and show the numbers on a screen. Enabling the person to know that, how much time is left for their turn. In this way, you also do not need a person to manage the queue, and you can save the salary of a person who would do this.

SMS Alerts

Our highly automated clinic management software reminds you via SMS about the patient's appointments and the payments made so that you do not miss anything important.

Appointments Scheduling

It schedules appointments according to the availability and schedule of the doctor. Also, it would not book more than designated patients in a particular time window. Your clients can easily book their appointments online anytime from anywhere through a clinic management software. It also sends appointment reminders in the form of emails, text messages or phone calls to the patients. In this way, they do not miss their appointments hence reducing any no show visits.

Electronic Prescriptions

You can create an electronic prescription by using clinic management software. It gives an option of English as well as the Urdu language to create prescriptions. Through this, the pharmacist can check and dispense patient's medication without the need for a paper prescription. People also do not need to worry if they lose their prescription, it can be easily backed up through a medical record number. It also helps people who need to get their medicines for the long term.

Easy Payments

Through clinic management software, your clients can make online payments. Many people nowadays do not carry cash with themselves because most of the transactions now are being done through credit and debit cards. Furthermore, it takes a lot of effort and time in counting the money manually for the staff members. Through the software, people can pay readily without any hassle for all the services they have availed. It also makes it easy for them to check out of the hospital.

Multi-User Access

More than one user can access the same page at a time by using the clinic management software. Usually, healthcare providers have to wait for the file to come from another department so that they can write notes or evaluate it. In this way, people from different departments can work together on the same patient’s file. This feature saves a lot of healthcare professionals time and enables them to organize their schedule.

One-Click Backups

The clinic management software keeps your data safe and secure. Through it, you can back up the data daily just by a single click. Therefore you do not need to worry if you lose any data due to theft, fire or any other incident. You can access your data without any hassle through the backup plan. This feature is so valuable because you would never lose your patient's record through it, giving you peace of mind.

Clinic Management Software Packages


iPro Lite version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow less than 30.

patients and practice management software

iPro Professional version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow greater than 30. 

Why do You need Only InstaCare Clinic Management System & Software

You should consider choosing InstaCare clinic management system because we are providing a low cost, affordable and easy to use the software. Many organizations, throughout Pakistan, are using our clinic management software and they are satisfied with our services. We will take care of all the IT-related work and you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the software. Our clinic management software gets updated often giving you a better experience. 

Clinic Management System Customers Reviews

Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan,
HOD, Lahore Medical & Dental College
InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
Dr. Sameer Nasir,
Lead Dental Surgeon, DentiMed 🙂 Lahore
InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

Prof. Dr Arshad Malik,
Principal , HBS Dental College
Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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