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    All About ENT electronic medical Record software In Pakistan

    What is ENT electronic medical software?

    InstaCare provides the top ENT electronic medical record software that enables you to keep an eye on all the ongoing activities of your business and helps in its management. It serves as a record keeper of the information.  The data which you keep in this software remains safe and secure always. Not everyone can access those records. Only trusted people who would have been granted registration with a particular IP address can access the software records.

    Moreover, you can back up the data daily with a single click. It will save all the information regarding the patient like their history, medication history, documented allergies, and all the other health conditions. With its use, the healthcare providers can easily access the records of the patients with only a medical record number. This software has made keeping and managing information about the patient much simple and easy. 


    What are the benefits of using an ENT electronic medical record software? InstaCare provides the best ENT EMR software that enables you to monitor the ongoing processes of your business from anywhere at any time. Through it, you can access the data from anywhere at anyplace. There are various benefits of InstaCare’s ENT electronic medical software. Some of them are as follows.

    • Lowers the workload
    • Saves overall cost investment
    • Manages the inventory 
    • Serves as a complete record keeper of the patient
    • Enable the patient to book the appointment on their own
    • Sends email, messages, and reminders to the clients
    • Manages the queue efficiently 
    • Generates electronic prescriptions and keeps them safe
    • Manages financial activites 
    • Saves the institution form overstocking and understocking
    • Saves your time by reducing the workload
    • Manages queues by generating tokens automatically
    • The electronic prescription feature keeps the prescription safe
    • Helps healthcare professionals serve better
    • Interconnects healthcare professionals