iPro For Gyms - Gym Management System & Software

Our advance Gym Management System & Software helps in automating and digitalizing your gym business. InstaCare provides the best Gym Management System & Software and Gym Membership System & Software for gyms in Pakistan.

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What is iPro For Gyms - Gym Membership System & Software

The iPro for Gyms is a specially designed, robust and the best gym management system & software that keeps a complete record of gyms activities. You can store all the information about your clients in this software. Moreover, this software would serve as an administrator of your gym. It will enable you to create customized bills, manage inventory, record sales, purchase, profit and many other things in a single click. Through iPro for Gyms, you can get a sense about what is going on in your business? How is your business progressing?

You can also keep a complete record of clients influx through this software. It will also let you save your time, money and effort. Since it will book appointments on your behalf, you will not require a person to do so. Furthermore, you will be readily able to access your clients detail through it and create a customized diet plan for them.

iPro for Gyms is a complete Gym Management System and a Gym Management Software for gym businesses who want to get the most out of their business with less gym management and membership hassle.

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    Benefits of iPro For Gyms - Gym Management System & Software

    There are many benefits of using iPro for Gyms – Gym Management System & Gym Management Software. Through this software, you can streamline your workflow hence making it more productive. The gym management system & software would do all the calculations by itself. Therefore you would not need to do lengthy and time taking mathematical calculation by yourself. Furthermore, you can connect with your clients virtually and train them globally. You can now get connected with clients from anywhere in the world by using software for the gym. All you would require is a smart device and an internet connection. Moreover, your clients can pay online through this software, making it faster and easy to receive money.


    iPro for Gyms - Gym Management Software - saves a lot of your time. You will not need to do calculations for the total calorie requirement and body mass index by yourself. All you will need to do is enter the client’s detail and, the Gym Management System would calculate everything in a single click, hence making it easy for you and eventually saving your time.

    Saves money

    You can reduce the staff that would create manual bills or manage inventory or would help you in creating diet plans. By using iPro for Gyms - Gym Management Software, you can do all these activities in a single click. This software saves the money that you would invest in paying people who would work for your gym.

    Paperless management

    You can transform your business into a paperless system by using iPro for Gyms - Gym Management Software. You can store everything in the form of soft copy that would be easy to access. Moreover, you can access your business records from anywhere at any time. You would require a smart device and an internet connection for that.

    Safe & Secure

    The data which you will keep in iPro for Gyms - Gym Management Software - will remain safe and secure always. Not everyone can access those records. Only trusted people who would have been granted registration with a particular IP address can access the software records. Moreover, you can back up the data daily by a single click.

    Features of iPro For Gyms - Gym Management System & Software

    Membership Records Management

    You can keep a complete record about your client packages, memberships and payment schedule through iPro for gyms. Moreover, the software would give you an insight into which of the client’s payment is due and which of the client has paid on time

    Income & Expense Insights

    iPro for gyms would give you a complete insight into sales, purchase, expense, profit and all the financial activities of your gym. Since inventory management is so crucial for any business, you can also manage inventory in a well-organized way through this software.

    Diet Plan Creation

    You can create customized diet plans for your clients with iPro for gyms. Since this software would contain all the information about calories and nutritional values, therefore it will help you in creating a diet plan. Moreover, it will perform all the calculations in a single click.

    SMS Alerts

    iPro for Gyms - Gym Management System & Software - will send automated reminders in the form of SMS, emails and phone calls so that the clients do not miss their appointment with the trainer. Since no show visits reduce the productivity of a trainer, the software helps in increasing the overall productivity.

    Easy payment

    Your clients can pay from the comfort of their home through internet banking or mobile banking via iPro for gyms. They do not need to travel long distances to make the payment, hence making it easier and faster to pay.

    Fee & Subscription Management

    Since many of your clients will have a different package, therefore there will be a difference in the fee schedule and subscription validity. Managing fee schedule and subscription manually creates ambiguity and takes time. While if you do that with iPro for gyms, you can manage it with ease, without any confusion.

    Appointments Management

    You can efficiently manage your client appointments by using iPro for gyms. The clients can book their appointment, by themselves, online from anywhere. Furthermore, you will not require a person to book the appointments, hence letting you save money.

    Biometric Integration

    You will be able your register your clients via biometric verification so that no one else other than the authorized person can enter the gym premises. Moreover, making your gym’s environment safe and secure.

    One-Click Backups

    Through iPro for Gyms, you can back up all of your data in a single click. When you would store information on this software, then you do not need to worry about record keeping. You can back it up daily so that, if you ever lose that, you can get it back with ease.

    Why You Need Only InstaCare iPro For Gyms - Gym Management System & Software

    InstaCare is serving all over Pakistan, and we have a bunch of happy and satisfied clients. Many reputable organizations are using our software, and, they can work more productively and efficiently. You can consider using iPro for gyms to streamline your workflow. Moreover, this software will enable you to create customized diet plans in a short time. Also, your clients will be able to make appointments online through iPro for gyms. Through this, you will not need a separate person to attend calls and book appointments.

    Customers reviews

    Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan,
    HOD, Lahore Medical & Dental College
    InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
    Dr. Sameer Nasir,
    Lead Dental Surgeon, DentiMed 🙂 Lahore
    InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

    Prof. Dr Arshad Malik,
    Principal , HBS Dental College
    Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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