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Smart Mobile App for Hospital

Reach the Unreachable Improving Patient care and accessibility of your medical services with ICT.

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    Features for Smart Mobile App for Hospital

    Patients Health Record Management

    The Smart Mobile App is a complete hub of patient’s information. It keeps a complete record of patients' important details like name, age, gender, phone number, allergies, blood group, medication history, disease history, previous prescriptions, vitals, doctors notes and other details. Since all these details are important for patient management, it helps in the proper and efficient management of patients. Through using it, you can perform all the tasks in a well-organized way.

    Day Billing & Adjustment
    Day Billing & Adjustment

    Medical Billing, OPD Adjustments with daily, weekly and monthly reports.It would give you a complete insight into revenue, expense, shares, profit and all the financial activities of your hospital. Since billing management is so crucial for any business, you can also manage payments in a well-organized way.

    Multi-User Access
    Multi-User Access

    More than one user can access the same page at a time. Usually, healthcare providers have to wait for the file to come from another department so that they can write notes or evaluate it. In this way, people from different departments can work together on the same patient’s file. This feature saves a lot of healthcare professionals time and enables them to organize their schedule.

    Digital Queue Management

    With the use of queue management, you can manage the queues in a well-organised manner at your place. It would create tokens for each customer and show the numbers on a screen. Enabling the person to know that, how much time is left for their turn. In this way, you also do not need a person to manage the queue, and you can save the salary of a person who would do this.

    Appointments Scheduling
    Appointments Scheduling

    It schedules appointments according to the availability and schedule of the doctor. Also, it would not book more than designated patients in a particular time window. Your clients can easily book their appointments online anytime from anywhere through your branded smart mobile app. It also sends appointment reminders in the form of emails, text messages or phone calls to the patients. In this way, they do not miss their appointments hence reducing any no show visits.


    An advanced , simple and easy to use telemedicine and telehealth features helps in increasing the patient flow while providing virtual care to them anytime, anywhere.

    SMS Alerts
    SMS Alerts

    Our highly automated clinic management software reminds you via SMS about the patient's appointments and the payments made so that you do not miss anything important.

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    What is Smart Mobile App for Hospital

    A Modern way of reaching more patients, growing business and building your brand.

    A  Smart Mobile App for Hospitals is a solution that evolves the way the healthcare system works. It helps in reduced waiting time, treatment tracking, disease diagnosis, and more.

    Smart Hospital Mobile app is a simple and easy to use branded application focused on patient activities and patients can access their hospital information on mobile. It is a one solution for accessing the services of your hospital and also makes it easy for patients to keep their health record easy and accessible.

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    InstaCare is a trust of leading healthcare professionals

    dr shehla
    Dr Shehla Javed Akram
    CEO - Akram Medical Complex

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    Thank you InstaCare for providing a digital solution to access our healthcare services at AMC. Many of our doctors believe that smart apps has brought improvement in a patient's health and accessibility of healthcare services.
    dr zia
    Dr Zahid Asghar
    MD - Doctors Hospital & Medical Center

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    Healthcare mobile apps are now necessary and they are used in a variety of ways to provide best patient experience. InstaCare Helped us a lot in making our hospital digital which helped us in gaining more patient reach and digital presence.
    dr umer farooq
    Dr Umer Farooq
    Director Medical Affairs Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    Instacare Smart hospital App helped us alot in conveying our message to our patients and it helpd us and our patients in all possible ways. it helps patients engage with their health, increases accessibility and convenient for a patient to get receive his services. Overall It's transforming the way care is delivered.

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    Why You need Smart Mobile App for Hospital

    More Loyal Customers:
    A smart mobile app helps reduce the costs of retaining clients and positively affects customer loyalty. Undoubtedly, people are going to choose those platforms where they can get all the necessary information, make an appointment at the doctor or see the results of the test anywhere and anytime.

    To Beat the competition by making your services more accessible:
    Today almost every Hospital has its own mobile app. So, not having one, you fail in the “competition” of the healthcare industry. Smart Mobile apps are a good opportunity to attract the best patients to your platform who would like to take care of their healthcare information and best services at one platform.

    To Increase in Patient Growth:
    Smart Hospital mobile apps for hospitals are always at hand. Thus, we’re increasing the number of points of contact with patients who are also your potential customers.
    Improving efficiency:
    Smart Hospital Mobile apps being integrated with a centralized database allow doctors to take a look at the patient’s electronic medical record, see the results of the tests and make a new record in a very easy and comfortable way. With all this information at hand, a physician is able to have more patients at the same time giving each of them more attention, and therefore, to improve the quality of services.

    Benefits for Smart Mobile App for Hospital