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Benefits of Telemedicine in Paksitan

Doctors can be connected virtually with patients through telemedicine. Through telemedicine, they can do online consultations, diagnose, and prescribe medications to the patients. In the past, Telemedicine in Pakistan was not a common practice. Now, especially due to the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are using it.

Online Telemedicine have multiple benefits for healthcare professionals. Few of them are:

The healthcare professionals can do consultations in the comfort of their home. They don’t need to waste time in travelling to the hospitals unnecessarily.

Control of infectious diseases:
Infections can be prevented via telemedicine. Since respiratory tract infections are contagious, best online Telemedicine in Pakistan can help in preventing the spread of these infections, especially the covid-19 outbreak by making the hospitals less crowded and preventing social interactions.

The doctor can monitor the progress of their patients remotely through telemedicine. They can devise the right treatment at the right time.

Better business:
Through telemedicine software in pakistan, healthcare providers can market themselves in a better way. They can also practice individually without the need for a separate space. Also, they can launch their own business online with a well-designed plan and social media pages.

No Longer Distances:
Through telemedicine, healthcare providers can lengthen the domain of their practice. They can connect with their patients living in remote and rural areas.

Telemedicine in all the ways saves the time and energy of a doctor as well as the patient. Healthcare providers can cater more patients in a short time as compared to in-person visits.

Best Telemedicine Company in Pakistan:
Instacare is the top telemedicine company in Pakistan that is trusted by over 200,000+ healthcare providers. They connect the patients virtually with the best doctors and saves millions of lives.

Telemedicine in Pakistan

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Patient Record Keeping, electronic prescriptions, medical history and automated appointments have made life easier for medical professionals.
Dr Javed Akram Reviews about InstaCare Patient and Clinic Management System
Prof. Dr. Javaid Akram
MRCP (UK) , FRCP (London), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin), FACCU (USA), FACP (USA), FASIM (USA)
Vice Chancellor, University of Health Sciences
At Visage Dentistry, We use digital appointment system by InstaCare to provide best patient experience. I strongly recommend InstaCare by introducing telemedicine in pakistan.
Dr Saima Razzaq about InstaCare Appointment Management System
Prof. Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan
BDS, CSP, Head of Department - Dental OPD
Lahore Medical & Dental College (LMDC)
InstaCare let doctors to keep an eye on clinic matters as well as patient's health. Its an amazing addition in Pakistan's Healthcare Industry.
Dr Agha Suhail Review about Dental Clinic Management Software
Prof. Dr. Agha Suhail
Head of Department - Dental OPD
University Medical & Dental College (UMDC), Faisalabad
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