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Hub & Spoke Telemedicine

Telehealth helps you reach the Unreachable
by increasing patient accessibility.

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    Hub & Spoke Telemedicine In Pakistan

    Video Consultation

    Easily communicate with your patients live during online video consultation. This feature can work easily with any web cam and microphone. Our telehealth compononet is designed to work smoothly even on low bandwidth internet. We offer multi-cam source option to help you integrate multiple cam devices with the system for better medical diagnosis. Book a demo with our team to explore more about this feature.

    Patients Management

    A complete hub of patient’s information. It keeps a complete record of patients' important details like name, age, gender, phone number, allergies, blood group, medication history, disease history, previous prescriptions, vitals, doctors notes and other details. Since all these details are important for patient management, it helps in the proper and efficient management of patients. Through using it, you can perform all the tasks in a well-organized way.

    Electronic Prescriptions

    You can create an electronic prescription by using the E-prescription module. It gives an option of English as well as the Urdu language to create prescriptions. Through this, the pharmacist can check and dispense a patient's medication without the need for a paper prescription. People also do not need to worry if they lose their prescription, it can be easily backed up through a medical record number. It also helps people who need to get their medicines for the long term.

    Multi-User Access
    Multi-User Access

    More than one user can access the same page at a time by using the Hub & Spoke. Usually, healthcare providers have to wait for the file to come from another department so that they can write notes or evaluate it. In this way, people from different departments can work together on the same patient’s file. This feature saves a lot of healthcare professionals time and enables them to organize their schedule.

    Virtual Queue Management

    With the use of Hub & Spoke , you can manage the queues in a well-organised manner at your place. It would create tokens for each customer and show the numbers on screen. Enabling the person to know that, how much time is left for their turn. In this way, you also do not need a person to manage the queue, and you can save the salary of a person who would do this.

    One-Click Backups
    One-Click Backups

    The Hub & Spoke system keeps your data safe and secure. Through it, you can back up the data daily just by a single click. Therefore you do not need to worry if you lose any data due to theft, fire or any other incident. You can access your data without any hassle through the backup plan. This feature is so valuable because you would never lose your patient's record through it, giving you peace of mind.

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    What is Hub and spoke?

    The hub and spoke method enables the patients to consult with the doctor from anywhere. A little space of any laboratory, pharmacy, or any clinic can be made a spoke center where they will get all the facilities like glitch-free internet, electronic gadgets, mic, speakers, and a webcam to connect with healthcare providers virtually. Along with that, they will get all the facilities to measure heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and height which you will need to know during the consultation to make the right diagnosis. After finalizing the diagnosis, you can prescribe virtually too. In this way, your patients will be able to consult with you in a hassle-free manner.

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    InstaCare is a trust of leading healthcare professionals

    Dr Anmol

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    Pakistan Only hub & Spoke solution that helps manage patients, appointments, teleconsultations, Digital reporting, e prescriptions, reporting and more Excellent Platform, helped a lot to connect our patients from other e-spokes.
    dr umer farooq
    Dr Umer Farooq
    Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    InstaCare, the future of EMR and HER in Pakistan. Best hub & Spoke solution helping in managing all clinical workflow processes with billing, appointment scheduling and detailed patient record and much more.
    dr azhar
    Dr Azhar Waheed
    Faiz Medical Center Lahore

    Pakistan's Best Clinic Management System & Software

    Very helpful pltaform to manage your patient records, billing, queue. Highly recommended for medical practices and doctors who have multiple practice units. It improved the patient experience, expanded staff capacity, and enhanced clinical care also. Now I am doing all my clinics in other city via it.

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    Why You need Hub & Spoke

    Hub & Spoke Telemedicine addresses a major business challenge faced by Hospitals. Generally, hospitals get their patients either through referral by their own in-house consultants or external doctors who refer patients to them for in-patient admissions. In addition to these two sources, apart from optional walk-in admissions, Hospitals do get patients being referred to by other hospitals or nursing homes who need specialized care for their patients. Most hospitals would like to have a larger geographical reach, and, the economics of operation and other related constraints hamper such an expansion. In such a scenario, how can hospitals have their influence expand beyond their physical reach? This is where InstaCare Telemedicine offers a viable, practical and economical solution for setting up Telemedicine outreach clinics in a Hub-n-Spoke model.

    Benefits Of Hub & Spoke:

    Requirements Of Telemedicine In Pakistan

    Starting the Hub & Spoke Telemedicine in Pakistan you will need access to the following:

    *Note: These are the minimum requirement however they can be varied based on the requirements and size of setting up Hub and Spoke telemedicine system.