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Our advance electronic medical records system & software helps automating and digitalizing your medical organizations like clinics and hospitals. InstaCare provides the best EMR System or Electronic Medical Records System & Software to help you grow your medical business.

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What is a Electronic Medical Record System & Software

(EMR System & Software)

The electronic medical records system (EMR system) is a system through which you can manage and monitor day to day operations of your institute. Through its use, you can conduct activities in a well-organized manner. The electronic medical record software (EMR software) has many functions like inventory management, patient record keeping, online appointment scheduling and many more. You should definitely consider using this software if you are still running your business through paper record management. It would save a lot of your time, effort and money.

An electronic management system serves as a manager of your institute. It would book patients appointment online, create inventory report, manage cash flow and would keep you informed about everything going on in your hospital. Since working productively and efficiently is important during clinical practice, therefore one should consider using this Electronic Medical Records Software or EMR system & software.

What are the benefits of a Electronic Medical Records System & Software

There are many benefits of using an electronic medical records system & software. It enables you to work in a well organized and hassle-free manner. Through it, you can create customized bills, get complete inventory report, keep an eye on your business progress and much more. It lets you save your time, money and effort. You can also reduce your staff because the electronic medical records system performs most of the activities of your clinic.


You can access the patient's record in a few minutes by just entering a medical record number in the software. Since record and the patient file is the most important thing to proceed and decide upon patient treatment. Therefore all the healthcare professionals need to work on it. By using this software all healthcare providers can access the same patient’s file at a time. They do not need to wait for getting the file to evaluate it or write on it.


The electronic medical software saves the overall cost you would invest in your business. From, a little to big task like token generation, inventory management, queue management, record keeping etc. You would require a person who would perform these activities. If you would use an electronic medical record software, you can save the salary of every person you would hire for these activities. Also, software use reduces errors and let health practitioners work more productively.

Industry Compliance

InstaCare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management Software is not just deployed on HIPAA Compliant Servers but also compliant with Punjab Healthcare Commission Minimum Standard of Delivery and is highly recommended by University of Health Sciences.Many Medical Service Providers has used our electronic medical record solution and appreciated it.

Increase in clinical productivity

The staff members can work more efficiently and productively if they use electronic medical record software. This is because they can work in a peaceful and well-organized way. They could reach the patient's record instantly, generate bills easily, manage inventory without any hassle. Moreover, it will save some time when they can focus on something more important than just paperwork. Since they would feel less stressed, they can work better and serve better to the patients.

What are the Features of a Electronic Medical Record Software (EMR Software)

Patients Management

Through an electronic medical record software, you can manage the patient record in a well-organized manner. It would let you save all the information like patients name, address, phone number, medication history, disease history, allergies, body mass index etc. It also keeps a complete record of patients prescription so that patients can get their prescription even after losing one.

Medical Billing

Electronic medical record software has made billing process much easier and hassle-free than before. Furthermore, you can create customised bills in a few minutes. Since it keeps a record about everything that you have served, it charges them and creates their bill in a few minutes. Moreover, making it easier for people to check out from the hospital or clinic because they can pay their bills without any problem.

Patient Reports

You can monitor everything about your business and patients via electronic medical record software. It gives you an insight into how many people are you entertaining per day, how many beds are occupied in the hospital, how many beds are free, how many patients are not attending their appointments etc. The complete patient report helps you in making further decisions that could help grow your business.

Queue Management

A queue is an essential part of any hospital or a clinic. For any procedure, for lab tests, for getting medicines from the pharmacy, for doctors consultation, you need to go through a queue. Usually, you need a person to manage it. But through an electronic medical record software, you can manage the queue in a well organized, peaceful manner, without any hassle.

Easy payment

Your clients can easily pay online by using the electronic medical record software. Now they do not need to carry cash with themselves because they can pay for the services they have availed via internet banking or mobile banking etc. This feature enables people to transfer the amount safely from one place to another. Also, they do not need to wait a long time before checking out from the hospital or clinic.

Appointments Scheduling

Your clients can book appointments on their own from anywhere at any time through an electronic medical record software. All they need is their electronic medical record number, any smart device and an internet connection. Also, they can pay online for doctor's consultation fees. The software also sends them automated reminders so that they do not miss their doctor’s appointment.

Electronic Prescriptions

Doctors can prescribe online and save that prescription on an electronic medical record software. Through this feature, patients can access their prescription whenever they need. Also, they do not need to worry about losing it, because they can reprint or access it through the software. Moreover, the pharmacist can dispense medication by just reading the prescription online, without the need for a hard copy prescription.

Inventory management

Inventory management is so important for any business. You have to keep an eye on sales and purchase of goods so that you can maintain a balance between them. You can manage your business inventory through electronic medical record software. It would alarm you if you have bought more than designated goods or if your sale is declining and you need to purchase less.

Multi-User Access

Many users can access the same record at a time through the electronic medical record software. Generally, if the record is kept in the form of hard copy, a single file rotates from one place to another thorough out of the hospital. Every single department needs the patient's file to proceed with their work. This causes wastage of a lot of time and effort.

One-Click Backups

If you will store all your business records in an electronic medical record software, so you can get them even after losing them. The software has a one-click backup feature, through which you can keep a complete backup of all the records. In this way, if you lose data due to theft, fire or any other incident. You can get it back instantly.

Electronic Medical Records System (EMR System) Packages


iPro Lite version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow less than 30.

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iPro Professional version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow greater than 30. 

Why You Need Only InstaCare Electronic Medical Records System

We are serving one of the most reliable, easy to use and low cost electronic medical records system. Through it, you can keep a complete detail about how is your business progressing? how efficiently is your staff working? what can you do to make it better? and, many more. Our software is loaded with features that would help you increase overall clinical productivity, enabling you to serve better and in an efficient manner.

Electronic Medical Records System Customers Reviews

Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan,
HOD, Lahore Medical & Dental College
InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
Dr. Sameer Nasir,
Lead Dental Surgeon, DentiMed 🙂 Lahore
InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

Prof. Dr Arshad Malik,
Principal , HBS Dental College
Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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