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patients and practice management software

What is a Patient & Appointment Management Software

A Patient management system refers to a software that streamline the processes in a medical clinic , hospital or practice area. For any medical professional, time and health of a patient is the most important part of daily practice. While efficient time management allows you to provide better care to your health seekers on the other hand patient’s health is the duty. So effective patient management can help improve both. From the very moment when a patient enters to your office,clinic or hospital to receive the treatment, patient management begins.

From registration to pulling up medical records , from maintaining medical notes till medical billing many systems works together to keep up the processes running.  However, if you are still managing your patients manually then it can be troublesome for you as a healthcare provider and for your team as a healthcare manager. It will also impact your patient experience if you are providing either handwritten notes or no notes. But, Don’t worry, we have the solution, World Class, Most Comprehensive and award winning patient management software.

What are the benefits of a Patient & Appointment Management Software

The patient and appointment management software has many features that are beneficial for your clinical practice. Imagine if you have to manage all the records through the paper management system and you have to fetch records of a patient who visited you a long time before. You can not find them easily, for sure it would take plenty of your time to reach them. Moreover, in the time you would fetch those records, more patients will be present in a queue. Therefore you will continuously have to deal with pressure and, you will not be able to cope with the situation efficiently. Therefore, when you use a patient and appointment management software, you will be able to access the patients record readily, thereby saving your time. Furthermore, you will not have to pick calls and book an appointment for the clients because your clients can book appointments on their own.

Paperless Management

You would not require to keep all the records on paper if you would use a patient and appointment management software. Since there is a risk with paper that mould could attack them, or a fire could destroy them permanently, without any backup plan. Your records will be safe if you keep them in electronic software.

10X More Efficiency

If you would work through a patient and appointment management software, your overall clinical productivity will increase. Since it will let you save time and manage records efficiently, it can increase your productivity up to ten times or more than. Moreover, it will reduce no show visits from the patient side by sending them automated reminders.

Industry Compliance

Our patient and appointment management software is HIPAA compliant. Many organizations are using our software and are satisfied with our services. The InstaCare patient and appointment management software is also compliant with Punjab Healthcare Commission Minimum Standard of Delivery. Since our software is easy to use and light on the pocket, you can afford it with ease.

Flexible Pricing Model

The patient and appointment management software has a flexible pricing schedule. It is because the software would not charge more than the predecided amount even if your clientele is increased. This means you only have to pay a monthly fee with no added charges per customer or according to the size of the record.

What are the Features of a Patient & Appointment Management Software

Patients Management

You can efficiently manage patients influx with the help of a patient and appointment manager software. It would enable you to keep a complete record about patients, the number of attended appointments in a day as well as many other features.

Advance Patient Profile

The patient and appointment management software contains a complete piece of information about patients. It contains their detail, medication history, disease history etc. Through this software, you can access the patient records instantly.

Reporting System

The patient and appointment management software keeps you updated about all the ongoing activities in your clinic or hospital. It will inform you in the form of graphs, pictorial representation and charts etc. Moreover, you can also generate a report about sales, purchase and profit etc.

SMS Alerts

A patient and appointment management software would send automated SMS alerts to your clients so that they do not miss their appointments resulting in any show visit. Since no show visits reduce the productivity of a doctor, the software helps in increasing productivity.

Appointments Scheduling

The patient and appointment management software enables your clients to make appointments online by themselves. They would need to provide a medical record number and, you can get all their details. This process makes appointment booking easy and hassle-free.

Calendar For Appointments

If you will use a patient and appointment management software, it will keep an appointment calendar in its record. Through viewing it, you can get an idea about how many patients are booked for each doctor on a particular day.

Multi-User Access

More than one person can access the same record at the same time through a patient and appointment management software. In this way, the healthcare provider's time can be saved because they would not need to get the hardcopy to write notes on it.

One-Click Backups

There is a one-click back up feature in the patient and appointment management software. Through this, you can back up all of your data in a single click. So that if you ever lose that, you can get it with ease.

Patient & Appointment Management Software Software Packages


iPro Lite version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow less than 30.

patients and practice management software

iPro Professional version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow greater than 30. 

Why You Need Only InstaCare Patient & Appointment Management Software

InstaCare is providing patient and appointment management software that would help you increase in the overall clinical productivity. Moreover, you can also save the cost you would invest in hiring people for different activities. A software would let you store all the patient’s detail without any hassle. You can access those records instantly, and eventually can serve better. Since it will have a detail about patient’s medication history, disease history and lab reports etc. Therefore it would make it easier for the healthcare providers to evaluate a patient’s case, make a diagnosis and prescribe medication. Moreover, your clients will be able to make appointments online through a patient and appointment management software. Through this, you will not need a separate person to attend calls and book appointments. InstaCare is providing services all over Pakistan. Many organizations are already using our services and are happy with them. 

Customers reviews

Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan,
HOD, Lahore Medical & Dental College
InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
Dr. Sameer Nasir,
Lead Dental Surgeon, DentiMed 🙂 Lahore
InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

Prof. Dr Arshad Malik,
Principal , HBS Dental College
Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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