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What is InstaCare Software For General Physician

Software for a general physician is a powerful, cloud-based system that carries out activities of the hospital. It can aid the staff in medical billing, online consultations, payments, fund handling and many more. Through it, the physicians can take care of the patient details cautiously and securely.


The software for the general physician would perform all the organizational exercises without the desire for foreign help. Likewise, it would place the hospital data protected and secure. Everybody can not approach the data through software for general physician because it would ask the individual about identification and password. If they store the data on the software for the general physician, it would be backed up every day. So, if the data is ruined due to some reasons like theft, fire or any other cause they can have a backup procedure to approach those records. Software for general physician also keeps them updated about when and to whom they have to make the next payment and which of their consumer has not paid the bills on time, or whose bills are unpaid etc. Moreover, they do not have to spend fund on its maintenance.

What are the benefits of Software For General Physician

There are many benefits of working on software for general physicians. It permits them to perform tasks in a fully coordinated and hassle-free process. Through it, they can make personalized bills, get complete inventory information, keep a look at their organization development and much more. It lets them take care of their time, money and effort. The software for the general physician would also let them shorten the staff because it will perform most of the activities of the clinic. Moreover, through this software, their clients would be able to make appointments on their own. Through this feature, the physicians do not require a separate person to book the appointments.

Paperless Management

By using the software for the general physician, the healthcare providers would not need to write long and lengthy notes on paper. They can transform their clinical practice into paperless, digital form. By paperless management of records, they can easily access their patient's record, instantly.

10X More Efficiency

The software for general physicians helps increase the overall clinical productivity for up to ten times. In this way, physicians can serve better and in an efficient way. Moreover, their clients would be happy with the services they would provide.

Industry Compliance

The software for the general physician is industry compliant software. This software is already chosen by many prestigious organizations. Since physicians can serve better through this software use, therefore it is a must-have tool nowadays in clinical practice.

Flexible Pricing Model

The software for the general physician has a flexible pricing model. There are many models according to one’s need and pocket. Hence the physicians can choose the one that suits best to their needs and pocket.

What are the Features of Software For General Physician

Patients Management

Through software for the general physician, healthcare providers can manage the patient record in a well-organized manner. It would let them keep all the vital information like patients name, address, phone number, medication history, disease history, allergies, body mass index etc. Furthermore, the software has a complete record of patients prescription so that they can get it even after losing one.

Medical Billing

The software for general physicians has made billing process much simpler and pleasant. Furthermore, staff can produce customised bills in a few minutes. Since it maintains a list about everything that they have served, the software charges those services and generates the bill in a few minutes. Therefore making it smoother for individuals to check out from the institution or hospital because they can pay off their bills without any trouble.

Reporting System

Physicians can observe everything about the organization and patients via software for general physicians. It shows an understanding into how many individuals are they treating per day, how many beds are taken up in the institution, how many beds are available, how many subjects are not showing up for their appointments etc. The complete subject description benefits them in establishing better decisions that could facilitate the growth of their business.


Software for general physicians enables the administration to brand their hospital and doctors. Since this software has a feature of queue management, so the advertisements or information related to the doctors or hospital can be displayed on the screen. People waiting in the waiting area will most probably have a look at the screen and can avail the services they will display on the screen. This lets them create more customers and eventually increase sales.

SMS Alerts

Software for the general physician sends automated reminders to the clients in the form of SMS, emails and phone calls. Through this feature, patients would not miss their appointment with the doctor. Moreover, this feature helps in maintaining punctuality, making it easier for doctors to work in a peaceful and well-organized manner. Eventually, it increases in the overall clinical productivity because no show visits are frustrating for healthcare providers and decrease clinical productivity.

Appointments Scheduling

Your patients can schedule appointments on their own from anywhere at any moment through software for general physicians. All they require is their electronic medical record number, any smart device and an internet network. Also, they can pay online for a physician’s appointment fees. The program also delivers them automated reminders so that they do not miss their specialist’s appointment.

Electronic Prescriptions

Physicians can prescribe online and preserve that prescription on the software for general physicians. Through this innovative feature, patients can get their prescription whenever they need. Also, they do not require to fear about losing it, because they can get its replicate or access it through the software. Moreover, the pharmacist can dispense treatment medication by just viewing the instruction online, without the desire for a hard copy prescription.


Physicians can follow their patients virtually via telemedicine through software for the general physician. No matter where the healthcare specialist is present, they can communicate to and observe their patients from anywhere at any moment. All that it demands is a smart device and internet network. They would log on to their ID and get connected with their patients. Moreover, patients can pay virtually via this system for telemedicine consultation.

Multi-User Access

The software for general physician let many users access the software at the same time. Through this feature, many healthcare providers can work on the same document at the same time, hence saving their time. Moreover, the feature of multiuser access help physicians to discuss the case with ease and in less time with each other. Due to access of more than one people, communication between healthcare providers can be made clear and easy.

One-Click Backups

Software for the general physician enables its users to backup all the data in a single click. Physicians do not have to fear about losing the data due to theft, fire or any other incident because they can get it back with ease. All the data stored on the software is backed up through cloud, so the users can retrieve it anytime they need. This feature makes record keeping easy, safe and secure.

Software For General Physician Packages


iPro Lite version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow less than 30.

patients and practice management software

iPro Professional version is used by doctors and clinics with monthly patient flow greater than 30. 

Why You Need Only InstaCare Software For General Physician

InstaCare is providing its services all over Pakistan. We have many satisfied clients who are currently using our services. InstaCare software for general physicians is specially designed for physicians use. It has a flexible cost, with a reliable backup system and efficient speed. The physicians can manage all the day to day activities of their clinic by using our software. Moreover, they can keep going by using this software. Also, through the software use, they can meet the patients need in an efficient and well-organized way.  

Customers reviews

Dr. Saima Razzaq Khan,
HOD, Lahore Medical & Dental College
InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
Dr. Sameer Nasir,
Lead Dental Surgeon, DentiMed 🙂 Lahore
InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

Prof. Dr Arshad Malik,
Principal , HBS Dental College
Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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