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With the help of our advanced telemedicine software you can conduct consultations with your patients at any time and any place. Moreover the important files and prescription can be shared with the patients on the go during consultation.

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What is a Telemedicine?

Lets first discuss the true Telemedicine meaning, its the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as health assessments or consultations, using Internet. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit. Telemedicine software lets the doctor to do consultation with the patient virtually and ask relevant questions. The patient can discuss the signs, symptoms and history with the doctor through a virtual visit. If the patient’s health concerns the doctor, they first send them to get their tests done. After that, they can rule out the final diagnosis and can make a further decision of either let them stay at home or to get them admitted to the hospital. The InstaCare telemedicine platform helps you in buying medicines, booking a lab test, reaching your medical records, consulting a doctor and reading health articles to get knowledge regarding any disease and its treatment, all in one click online. InstaCare telemedicine software is operating in all the cities of Pakistan and, it has collaborated with reputable institutes. You can find a long list of doctors with different specialization on our platform.

Telemedicine in Pakistan is a new technology trend in the country and have power to transform our healthcare industry massively. You can use this technology in whatever way you want. Doctors use telemedicine in clinics and we have some clients who are practicing telemedicine softwares in their homes however InstaCare have provided telehealth solutions to businesses too.

Domains of Telemedicine in Pakistan

  • TeleMedicine
  • TelePsychiatry
  • TeleDermatology
  • TelePathology
  • Second Opinions
Scope of Telemedicine
  • TeleRadiology
  • TelePharmacy
  • TeleHomeopathy
  • TeleClinics
  • TeleNursing

What are the benefits of Telemedicine Software

There are many benefits of telemedicine software. Through this software, you can make personalized bills, get complete inventory information, keep a look at the development of your organization and much more. Also, you can cut down the overall staff if you would use this software because you would not require staff to manage the day to day activities. Instead, this software would help you in the management of day to day operations of your institute. Moreover, through telemedicine software, your clients would be able to make appointments on their own according to their schedule and comfort. 

Paperless management

By using telemedicine software, healthcare providers would not need to write long notes on papers and files. They can enter all the details of their patients on the computers or any smart device and, it will remain safe and secure there.

Reduces cost

The software reduces the overall cost investment. You do not require to hire people to create bills, manage inventory and book appointments when you use this software. Also, it would save your client’s money that they would invest in transportation.

Access it anytime from anywhere

You can access the records of your patients from anywhere at any time. Also, more than one person can access the same document at a time. Therefore you can save plenty of your time. This feature saves a lot of time of the healthcare providers.

Increases the productivity

InstaCare telemedicine software saves time of your staff. Therefore the healthcare professionals can serve better to their patients. In this way, the software increases the overall clinical productivity of your staff members because they can focus on their clinical practice.

Best Telemedicine Software in Pakistan

Telemedicine Software for Clinics

Our advance , simple and easy to use telemedicine and telehealth software helps clinics in increasing their patient flow while providing virtual care to them anytime anywhere.

Telemedicine Software for doctors

With the help of telemedicine you can practice without having a clinic while staying at your home. We offer a wide range of telemedicine system in Pakistan that helps you in staying connected with your patients remotely.

Telemedicine Software for Hospitals

If you are operating a healthcare organization and want to provide better access of your health services to patient, then we have best telemedicine software for you.

What are the Features of Instacare Telemedicine Software

Patient Management

Our telemedicine software manages the day to day operations of your organization in a well-organized manner and efficiently. It creates bills and invoices, manages the queue and books appointments as well.

Prescription Management

The doctor can prescribe the medicines through this software. In this way, the prescription remains the same. And due to neat and legible writing, chances of medication errors are also reduced.

Waiting Room

Our telemedicine software has a waiting room feature that manages the queue efficiently. You do not need a person for its management. Thereby it enables you to save money and time.

SMS Alerts

Our telemedicine software sends reminders in the form of text messages, calls and emails. So that your clients do not miss their appointments, hence it reduces no show visits and increases clinical productivity.

Appointment Management

The software enables your clients to book their appointments on their own. In this way, they can book it according to their convenience and best suitable schedule, from the comfort of their home.

Instant File Sharing

You can share different files and information with other healthcare providers instantly during virtual consultation. In this way, you do not require a person to send them to another person. This feature makes case discussion fast and easy.

Online Payments

Our telemedicine software enables your client to make online payments. They can pay for their charges from the comfort of their home, without the need of going out. This feature saves a lot of time and effort.


Our software creates a detailed report about sales, purchase, expense and profit. It enables you to review the progress of your business in a single click. Therefore, you can keep an eye on your business through it.

Why do You need Only InstaCare Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine is the platform for patients to interact with the doctor through a video-conference. It helps the doctors to prescribe, diagnose, educate and monitor the patient. InstaCare is providing a low cost, flexible and easy to use telemedicine software. It connects your clients with the healthcare providers virtually. Moreover, it keeps a complete record of the patients. The doctors can keep an eye on the progress of their patients through this software. It helps your clients to consult with the doctor over the phone or computer and also get their medicines prescribed online. InstaCare is serving all over Pakistan and, we have many happy and satisfied customers.

InstaCare Telemedicine Software Success Stories

Telemedicine Software Customers Reviews

InstaCare is a very user friendly software that allows me to manage my patients, appointments and other practice related activities very smoothly. I highly recommend the software to my fellow colleagues in healthcare industry to use this software as an aid in dentistry.
InstaCare Allows me to manage my patient appointment and record in a very practical way. The InstaCare team is always there for any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this for all dentists seeking to digitize their practices.

Best Software for my dental practice, user friendly and well balanced interface with tons of regular updates. 100% recommended.

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