10 benefits of patient management system in clinic

Working in clinics is a tough and hectic job for all staff members. You have to care for your patients as well as their data. The patient’s data is one of the most important things in clinical practice. Writing and maintaining all the records adds a lot of stress to the lives of health care providers. A tool that can make their life easy by using a patient management system. In it, you can store all the information about your patients and the clinic. It can work as your clinic administrator.

The patient management system generally contains the following information

  • Patients’ name
  • Patient’s age
  • Gender
  • Medication history
  • Disease history
  • Co-morbidities
  • Allergy history
  • Diagnosis
  • Previous visit
  • Future appointments
  • Lab evaluation readings
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Appointment schedule
  • Number of attended and unattended appointments
  • Total sales and purchase of the clinic
  • Billing details of the patient, etc

The patient management system would help you in billing, inventory management, appointment scheduling, and much more. In this article, we are going to discuss why is the patient management system necessary for your clinic. How it increases overall clinical productivity?

Relieves stress

This software helps in relieving stress from the heads of health care providers and other staff members. By using it, your clinic’s staff can work without tons of burden and with ease. Since they need not write and store the same information again and again. The staff members can spend their time on any other and more important activity. Or You can also save the salary amount you are giving to your staff by reducing the number of people you have hired.


When a doctor is entering all the history of the patient, this software gives suggestions to rule out the differential diagnosis. This feature helps the doctors in finalizing and making a diagnosis. Also, when the doctor is prescribing the medications, the patient information management software gives suggestions about medications. Whenever the doctor prescribes some medicine that is not related to the condition, it will alarm you. This feature helps a lot in preventing medication errors and life-threatening blunders.

Safe and secure data

The patient’s data remains safe and secure when stored in a patient management system. Since it is hard to keep tons of paper safely, and it is easy to lose them. So, when you will keep the information in software, it will remain safe and secure. In this way, only reliable people can access the records, not everyone can open the patient’s file and your clinic’s record.

Easy billing

The patient management system also helps in the financial activity of the clinic. It helps in creating bills in a short time, without any hassle. Since it contains the whole data about the patient, bills generation by using the software is so easy. People also need not wait for long hours to check out from the clinic. You can also review all the charges due to the patient in one click. This software makes it easier for those who have to claim the insurances or whom their companies pay for the bills. It is easy to keep the check and balance of billing by using the patient management system.

A complete review

You can get a complete insight into how many beds are available and how many beds are busy at the moment by using this software. It will give you a complete insight into what is going on in the laboratory or the pharmacy or the gym. By using this software, you can easily manage the inventory of your clinic, especially the pharmacy. Managing inventory is a critical part of running the pharmacy business. This is because it can cause you a great loss if the medications get expired or overstocked. The patient management system would protect you from all overstocking, understocking, expired medications, etc.

Scheduling the appointments

The patient management system contains a feature of an appointment management system. By using this feature, the client can book their appointments on their own, online.  This feature helps in saving the staff member’s time as well as the patients’ time. It also helps in reducing no show visits from the patient’s side. The client can book their appointment anytime, anywhere they want. This software would give automated reminders to the clients via emails, text messages, and other platforms so that they do not miss their appointment.

You can also reduce the number of staff since you would not be needing staff members to book the appointments if you are using the patient management system.

Increases the clinical productivity

Healthcare providers when they have to perform all the tasks by themselves, feel so stressed all the time. They have to write complete lengthy notes and orders daily. Also, they have to make sure that they keep the patient’s data safe and secure. When you would use the patient management system, it would reduce a lot of stress from the heads of the healthcare providers. The notes and details can be entered digitally, and the time and date are automatically updated. They do not need to worry about keeping it secure as everyone cannot access it.  This software helps the staff in their day to day operations, so that they can focus on the clinical side which is more important.

Better workflow

Since all the information about the patient is already updated on the software, all the healthcare providers can easily access it at the same time. This feature helps in moving things smoothly and in a better workflow.  When the data is kept in files, it is moved one by one from one place to another.  All the healthcare providers like doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc have to review the patient’s record from time to time. This process takes a lot of time and causes a hassle. By using the patient management system, the patient can get timely care from the doctors.


Healthcare providers can save a lot of time by using a patient management system. They do not need to take the same disease and medication history at every visit. Healthcare providers can review the complete medical records of their patients at one click. This helps if another doctor checks the patient or if the patient has lost the previous prescription, their clinic would have complete detail of the patient’s old medical record.

Insight of the business

By using the patient management system, you can get a complete insight into your business. It enables you to see the complete record of attended appointments, unattended appointments, total expense, purchase, and other financial records. It will help you in inventory control, buying goods, making payments, and many other tasks.


The patient management system has many benefits that would help your clinic to work smoothly. But before buying the software, make sure that it fulfills all your needs. Select that software for your clinic which meets all of your needs. InstaCare is providing an easy to use patient management system that is loaded with features that would increase the overall clinical productivity.