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Successful Entrepreneur in Pakistan Bilal Amjad

InstaCare is one of the Top Digital Health Startups in Pakistan, leveraging information technology to raise the standards of Healthcare Systems. Bilal Amjad, Founder & CEO at InstaCare, was recently awarded the Excellence Award 2023 by The President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi. At the Digital Summit in Islamabad, InstaCare was recognized as one of the top digital health startups in 2023, and Bilal Amjad as one of the year’s top and most innovative HealthCare Entrepreneurs.

This award is extended to millions of healthcare providers and patients in Pakistan as it represents a commitment to improving the healthcare system in Pakistan. A step towards improving medication safety, tracking, and reporting; and promoting quality of care through optimized access to and adherence to guidelines.

Currently, around 92% of the rural and 100% of the urban populations have access to health services. This improvement has been a direct result of digital health apps in Pakistan, such as InstaCare, which caters to more than 4500 clinics across Pakistan and beyond, indicating the spread of reliable and accessible healthcare. The primary goal is to optimize current health systems, ease doctors’ work, and improve patient care by reducing errors. In 2022 InstaCare detected more than 300 medical errors, which means the InstaCare family saved above 300 lives through its AI-Based Smart Clinic Management System.

HealthTech itself refers to the application of technology in the healthcare industry. InstaCare is an emerging digital health startup that provides various digital health solutions. These solutions include Electronic Health Records, Telemedicine, Smart Clinics,s and Super Health App. With 850,000+ electronic health records (EHRs) provided by InstaCare. It is easy to store and manage patient data, allowing for easy access and sharing of medical information. The growth of HealthTech in Pakistan is driven by a need to improve the quality of healthcare services. This increases access to medical care in remote areas and reduces healthcare costs. Despite substantial growth, we still face challenges, including a lack of awareness and a shortage of skilled workers. In the face of challenges, there is a will to overcome them.

InstaCare came into being as a result of a life lost at the hands of a medical error. Bilal’s grandfather perished due to kidney failure caused by an overdose of a drug prescribed by a well-known cardiologist in Lahore. The sad and unexpected passing resulted in emotional, physical, and financial damage to the family. Bilal worked for a prestigious IT company. A digital transformation task required him to research Pakistan’s healthcare sector. The research revealed startling facts. 99% of Pakistani doctors wrote prescriptions by hand at that time, according to a study. A mere 1% of industries are digitalized. Many hospitals implemented HIMS, but doctors did not use it. The system was used for administrative tasks like accounts and payrolls. Over 600,000 Pretenders, i.e., Fake and Unlicensed practitioners, were operating in the industry.

These facts led to the same result: an unreliable healthcare system in Pakistan.

InstaCare has diagnosed millions of medical cases in more than 40 cities across Pakistan. With InstaCare, providers and patients can connect in a secure environment. Health services can be discovered and booked through InstaCare. Moreover, doctors can leverage innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions made possible by cloud computing and big data that empower doctors, creating the foundation for the growth of the healthcare ecosystem. Patients can use the Super Health App, a web and mobile platform. It provides direct access to 20,000+ doctors onboard, the most reputable hospitals in the area. Several features, such as the Health Store and Booking lab tests, have been made available to patients around Pakistan, reviving the medical system through digitization. Integrating technology into smart clinics can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for manual labor, improving efficiency, and reducing the number of errors.

InstaCare was established to address the issue of global patient safety, particularly medical errors causing millions of deaths worldwide and shortening life expectancy. Following the country’s requirements and financial challenges, the mission is to improve the healthcare system strategically and efficiently. A more reliable, safer, and accurate healthcare system is something we strive for across the globe, and we will keep working towards it.