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EMR Software in Pakistan
Clinic Management Software in Pakistan | Features and Pricing

The question has been asked a million times regarding Clinic Management System and health practitioners often feel lost while searching for information they require. So to solve this problem here is all relevant information about Clinic Management Software in Pakistan.

Exercises for cricketers that only coaches can tell

Health and sports go hand in hand. And expert advice is always necessary. So here we have brought to you 10 exercises that only PSL coaches tell their players for health, fitness and better performance on the ground. Squats A

medication errors in Pakistan
How fatal are medication errors worldwide, and in Pakistan? | How to avoid these.

Nearly everyone, especially in Pakistan has gone through, bad experiences in the health sector. Things like the wrong diagnosis, disasters due to doctors’ negligence – even if it is bad handwriting, ill prescription, false mention of dose timings so on

Corona virus in Pakistan | Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

What is the 2019 Novel Corona virus? 2019-n Corona virus is a family of a large number of viruses that belong to the bigger family of Corona RNA. Among these, other similar viruses are MERS-CoV, HKU-1, and SARS-CoV. 2019-nCoV is

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