5 tips to get a better sleep

Good sleep is just as important as exercise to live healthily. You experience the negative effects on your performance otherwise. It helps you to work properly and live healthily. The health experts advise having at least 6-hour rest daily. If you want to optimize your brain, take out a good amount of time for yourself. It will help your hormones to work properly. How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? We all crave sleep however many nights, we fell short of even seven or eight hours of rest that is less than for the proper functioning of the body.

Moreover, in today’s overscheduled world, sleep feels like a luxury. Whereas, it a necessity. Sleep plays a vital role in our health both physically and mentally. We can not live without it. Most of us do not get it enough. We get cranky, less productive, and more prone to health problems.


  • 40% of the people for the age group 35 to 59 say that there are not getting the recommended amount of sleep.
  • 35% of the young adults are also not getting 7 hours of sleep, Centre for Disease and Prevention (CDC).
  • In 1910 the average person slept 9 hours a night.
  • Whereas since 1985, every night percentage of getting sleep less than 6 hours increasing at the rate of 31%.
  • 7/10 students do not get adequate sleep.
  • Sleep deprivation costs the US $411 billion annually.

An estimated 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a chronic sleep disorder, according to the Institute of Medicine. The modern-day living does not embrace this fact the necessity for adequate sleep. Yet, it is important to make an effort to get good sleep.

Health Risks

There are very diseases that can attack our immune system due to less amount of sleep. Because our immune system gets slower due to inadequate sleep.

  • Heat diseases which can eventually lead to heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Swings
  • High Blood pressure
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Strokes

Tips for better sleep

It might seem like an impossible goal because you are wide open at 3 am. But you have much more control over the quality of sleep than you realize. Just as the way you feel during your waking hours often hinges how well you sleep at night, so the cure for these difficulties can be found in your daily life routine. An unhealthy lifestyle and choices can cost you, but by the following advice, you can improve your sleep schedule and live a healthier life.

Manage light exposure

Light exposure - Top 5 tips to get a better sleep

Exposure to light during the day time is positive but during nighttime, it has the opposite effect. Again, this is due to its effect on your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. This reduces hormones like melatonin, which helps you relax and get deep sleep. Use apps for blocking the blue light from smart phoned and electronic devices. Avoid using any electronic device at least 2 hours before bed.

Don’t consume caffeineAvoid Caffeine - Top 5 tips to get a better sleep

The usage of caffeine late at night can also activate your sleeping hormones. 90% of the population consumes it. It has numerous benefits like its single dose can increase focus, attention, and sports performance. However, when consumed late in the day, caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from naturally relaxing at night. Caffeine can stay elevated in your blood for 6–8 hours. Therefore, drinking large amounts of coffee after 3–4 p.m. is not recommended, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping. If you take coffee in the afternoon stick with decaffeinated.

Reduce irregular day naps

Avoid day naps - Top 5 tips to get a better sleep

While short naps are beneficial, long naps and irregular naps can adversely affect your routine. Sleeping in the daytime can confuse your internal clock which means that you may need to struggle a night. research shows that naps of 30 minutes or less can improve day functioning but more than of it can disturb night routine. Try to wake, and take naps at a consistent time. Your body will catch the frequency of this discipline.

Dinner time

Take dinner early - Top 5 tips to get a better sleep

The habit of eating late at night may negatively affect both quality and the natural release of HGH and melatonin. In one study, the eating of high carbs before 4 hours of bad helps in going to bed early. But the quality of your meal and late-night snack can also determine the quality of your sleep. Interestingly, one study discovered that a low carbs diet also improved sleep, indicating that carbs aren’t always necessary, especially if you’re used to a low carb diet.

Relax and clear your mind

Relax - Top 5 tips to get a better sleep

Some people believed that exercise helps them to increase sleep quality. Relaxation techniques before bed have been shown to improve its quality and are another common technique used to treat insomnia. Research shows that relaxing massage improves the sleep of people who are ill. Strategies include listening to relaxing music, reading a book, taking a hot bath, meditating, deep breathing, and visualization. Try out different methods and find what works best for you.

In short, having a good amount of time for yourself is a vital part of life. We often complain that without rest, we can do and achieve much more. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the rest of the body. The bad sleep can dumb us down. Take these steps for proper sleep. Otherwise, If you want to know more, get an online consultation appointment with us here.

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