Best Pulmonary EHR System In Pakistan

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    All About Pulmonary Electronic Health Record System in Pakistan

    What is the pulmonary electronic health record system?

    InstaCare provides the best pulmonary electronic health record system that helps you monitor the activities of your hospital or clinic. It conducts various activities. This software contains a complete piece of information about patients, their detail, medication history, disease history, etc. Through it, you can access the patient records instantly. It keeps you updated about all the ongoing activities in your clinic or hospital. It will inform you in the form of graphs, pictorial representation, and charts, etc. 

    Moreover, you can also generate a report about sales, purchases, and profit by using the pulmonary electronic health record system.


    You can save all the information about your clients like their name, age, gender, allergies they have, their medication history, diseases they have, and all the other health conditions they have ever had. Therefore, it will help in reducing medication errors and blunders.   

    What are the benefits of using the pulmonary electronic health record system?

    InstaCare provides the top pulmonology EHR software that helps you in keeping the data of the patient safe. Also, it enables you to transfer it to different hospitals and healthcare providers. There are many benefits of using InstaCare’s pulmonology EHR system. Some of them are as follows.


    • Complaint with the industry
    • Interconnects the departments
    • Manages queues by generating tokens automatically
    • The electronic prescription feature keeps the prescription safe
    • Helps connect healthcare professionals with each other
    • Manages the inventory control 
    • History of the patient remains safe
    • Easy to use interface
    • User friendly 
    • Helps streamline workflows 
    • Information of the patient can be shared between different organizations 
    • Data remains safe
    • Generates customized bills 
    • Increases the overall productivity
    • Manages financial activities 
    • Saves the institution form overstocking and understocking
    • Saves your time by reducing the workload
    • Helps healthcare professionals serve better
    • Makes case discussion easier by fast connectivity