How to consult a doctor during the lockdown

How to consult a doctor during the lockdown?

Everyone nowadays has to practice social distancing due to pandemic. Hospitals are overloaded with the patients and its so much chaos already. Since people should avoid going outside, at the same time they are worried about how can they consult with the doctor during a lockdown.

Why is consultation important?

Many people need to visit their doctor frequently. For example, a person suffering from heart disease has to be under the follow up of their concerned doctor. Or a person suffering from chronic kidney disease needs to consult with a doctor often. Some people need to get dose adjustments done in their prescriptions. While some patients need to get their tests done frequently. Doctors keep on changing the drugs as per patients’ needs. For all these purposes, people have to visit their clinicians to manage their disease and symptoms.

Why are people unable to go to hospitals?

Due to the lockdown, there is no public transport available through which one can go to the hospital. Because of this reason, people are facing issues in consulting with the doctor during a lockdown.  People are getting anxious and this is also increasing panic and anxiety among people.

Going to the hospital itself is so risky thing nowadays. People are trying their best to avoid the hospital’s exposure due to pandemic because they are a hub of infections. If a person is hypertensive, asthmatic, or immunocompromised, it makes them susceptible to catching an infection. People already have any health problem or suffering from a disease should avoid their exposure to clinics and hospitals much as they can.

What is the solution?

If you are one of those who needs to consult with their doctor often. Or if you already have heart disease, hypertension or asthma, etc and you are under follow up of the doctor. Do not worry if you require consultation with your doctor during a lockdown. We are here with a solution on which almost the whole world is relying right now. The solution to your problem is telemedicine. You can easily consult with your doctor during lockdown via telemedicine.

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the platform for patients to interact with the doctor through a video conference. It helps the doctors to prescribe, diagnose, educate, and monitor the patient. With the help of telemedicine, the doctor asks relevant questions to the patient about the disease. The doctor and the patient can discuss the signs and symptoms of disease along with a detailed history. The doctor can then make a further decision about how to proceed further. Either the doctor needs to adjust the dose. Or the patient needs to get a blood test. Moreover, they can make a decision of calling the patient to the hospital if the patient’s health is critical. The patient can get the expert’s advice with the help of telemedicine.

Benefits of telemedicine

Heavy load on hospitals

The hospitals can not manage the heavy volume of patients in this state of panic, but they can manage it with the help of telemedicine applications.  Through telemedicine, you can help in preventing infections because it helps reduce people’s exposure to each other. Telemedicine reduces the physical contact of the patient to the doctors and other patients. This helps in containing the pandemic.

High-risk patients

Due to the pandemic, you should minimize your visits to any overcrowded place. Hospitals waiting for areas are already busy and so overcrowded that if you are even healthy, you can catch an infection. If you are a high-risk patient, you should avoid it. Remote consultation by the doctor, therefore, reduces the risk of getting exposed and infected.

Lack of transportation during the lockdown

Due to lockdown, there is no public transport outside. It is too hard for people to reach their doctors during a lockdown. So telemedicine can also help in this regard. You can virtually visit your doctor from the comfort of your home.


You need to wait for the doctors in a long queue. You can easily consult with your doctor virtually. This helps in saving time, as well as energy. You need not go out and expose yourself to the public. This saves the time of transportation and waiting in the queue.


Through the InstaCare telemedicine application, you can easily consult with expert doctors on your fingertips. You need not go out and expose yourself to other people. With the help of InstaCare, you can even consult with your doctor during a lockdown, while staying at home and healthy. By consulting virtually with a doctor, you can get the expert’s advice without any hassle.

Do not rely on telemedicine if someone near you is in critical condition. Rush to the hospital if they need help from the doctors. Like if someone is bleeding badly or cannot breathe etc, then you should never rely on telemedicine applications. Telemedicine is a source to help people who are stable and out of danger.





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