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    All About dental electronic medical record system

    A dental electronic medical record system (Dental EMR Software) is a system that keeps all the information about the patient and manages it as well. It contains all the records that one would find in the chart of a healthcare provider, like name, age, diagnosis, medication history, disease history, allergy history, and immunization record of the patient. Moreover, it also contains the notes and advice of the doctor. The dental EMR software serves as a complete directory of patient’s information. Through its use, you can keep data safe and secure. It is a means to digitize your clinic or hospital.

    The dental electronic medical record system will enable you to work more productively. It will serve as a complete manager for your institute by booking appointments, generating inventory, managing cash flows, and much more. All you need is the medical record number of a patient to reach their records in minutes through this system. Thereby, it saves a lot of your time, money, and effort. 

    Benefits of a dental electronic medical record software?


    Instacare is providing the best electronic medical record software, which makes your practice hassle-free. It has many benefits like;

    • Easy to use interface
    • User friendly 
    • Help streamline workflows 
    • Saves time by reducing hassle
    • Generates bills in a few minutes
    • Keeps data safe and secure
    • Helps save time 
    • Fast and easy access to the records of the patients
    • Saves overall cost
    • Reduces the need for labor
    • Complaint with the industry
    • Interconnects the departments
    • Help connect healthcare professionals
    • Manage the inventory control 
    • Serves as a complete record keeper of the patient
    • Enable the patient to book the appointment on their own
    • Sends email, messages, and reminders to the clients
    • Manages the queue efficiently 
    • Generates electronic prescriptions and keeps them safe