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Best suited software for appointments and billing. If you need a comprehensive software to manage your appointments, billing and inventory then here's our solution for you.

iPro is a EMR software for patients and practice management for doctors

Practice Management Software

iPro for Medical Professionals is an extremely powerful app for healthcare professionals that uses the convenience of technology (practice management software and more) to make healthcare simpler for healthcare professionals and patients/customers alike. Every task that was once manual and repetitive gets automated to help the healthcare professionals and healthcare professionals focus better on their patients.

It comes with features like Patients Management,  Billing Management, Inventory Management,Telemedicine and Reports for Income and Expense. These Features make iPro for Medical Professionals the best practice management software in Pakistan..


Patients Management

Patients records for the Customers can be easily managed through the Patients Management Feature in the Software.

Prescriptions & Health Records

The Prescription & Health Records Feature allows you to create customized prescription for your patients.

Appointments Management

You can easily manage appointments for your patients through the Appointments Management Feature.

Treatment Plans

Treatment Plan allow you to create treatment plan for your patients.You can download and preview plan at anytime.


No need to visit your doctor physically anymore.You can get in contact in with your Doctor through Video Chat.

Medical Billing

Create beautiful and elegant bills for the services being provided to your customers/patients.You can customize your bill layout easily.

Queue Management

THe Software comes with Token System Feature fully integrated in it. Each Department has its own Token System.

Patient Reviews

Take feedback from your customers/patients through the SMS integrated in the Software.This will help you to increase patient growth.


Create reports that provides useful insights about the income,expense,payments via OTC and easypaisa, patient growth etc.

Multi-User Access

Create multi users with defined functionalities for each users. Admin can change user access of functionality at anytime.

SMS Alerts

Get Notify for your upcoming appointments , payments done via easypaisa through SMS Alert feature integrated in the system

One-Click Backups

Make Backups of your important data through the One Click Backups Feature provided in the Software.

Customer Reviews

Very helpful Software to manage your patient records and contact details and giving appointments.

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