5 tips to reduce mental stress during lockdown

Anxiety and depression have now become a major health problem. More than 264 million people of different ages suffer from depression, all over the world. People who suffer from severe mental stress tend to cause self-harm as well as suicide. There are clinical and non-clinical treatments to reduce mental stress and mental disorders. In this article, we are going to discuss non-clinical tips to reduce mental stress.

5 tips to reduce mental stress

The following tips are very general in nature. But if you want a special therapy session, let us know at InstaCare or download the app here.

Walking and jogging

Walk & Jog - Tip 1 to reduce mental stress

Physical exercises like walking and jogging are some of the best tools to reduce mental stress. They help you in fighting with depression and anxiety. Walking decreases circulating cortisol levels in the body, a hormone that causes palpitations, increased blood pressure, nervousness and increased blood sugar. It is secreted more when you are under stress and increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.


Walking also releases endorphins in your body, the hormones that act as a natural painkiller for your body. They help people in sleeping well and staying happy. These hormones also elevate mood, remove irritability and depression. Anxiety also causes breathing problems, by walking and jogging daily you can regularize your breathing pattern. Since movement helps your muscles to relax and get rid of those tense muscles that occur due to anxiety.

Spend time with your loved onesSpend Time with your Loved ones - Tip 2 to reduce mental stress

Spending time with your friends and family is like therapy. It makes you feel good about yourself. You can focus on how much people love you and how important you are for them. Spend some time of your day with them to reduce mental stress.  According to a study, among women especially, spending time with their loved ones release oxycontin in their body, that is a stress reliever hormone.  This effect is known as tending and befriend, the opposite of fight or flight response. Try to spend quality time with your children or parents at the park, a nice dinner or at a beach. Having a heart connecting conversation with your family gives you the feeling that you have a proper support system, eventually helping in reducing mental stress.

Deep breathing

Deep Breathe - Tip 3 to reduce mental stress

Anxiety causes difficulty in breathing leading to an imbalance in oxygen and carbon dioxide ratio in the lungs, making you feel dizzy.  This happens because when you are in a state of panic, your sympathetic nervous system activates and creates a fight or flight response. Causing difficulty in breathing, elevated blood pressure, and a faster heart rate. Breathing exercises can help in regularizing the breathing pattern, lowering your blood pressure and normalizing the rate heart rate. Simply breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth keeping your lips pursed, this will create a whooshing sound as you exhale. Repeat this exercise up to some minutes and reduce your mental stress.

Creative activities

Creative activities - Tip 4 to reduce mental stress

Include different creative activities in your life. Consider doing painting, poetry, pottery, listen to music, do gardening or play games that make you feel relieved and stress-free. Keep yourself busy in activities that make you feel happy. Try to invest time helping others, that will relieve a lot of mental stress. When you are creating a difference in someone’s life, it makes you feel so satisfied. All these things distract your mind from thoughts that bother you and cause mental stress and anxiety. Doing different activities are a source of fun and happiness, they help a lot in changing your mood into a positive one.

Connect to Allah

Connect with Allah - Tip 5 to reduce mental stress

In the Quran, Allah says, “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” (94:5). This ayat explains to us that not after hardship there is ease, it says that with hardship there is ease. This shows that everything we think is a hardship has some ease and goodness in it. We do not understand what is good behind that, therefore we think that is bad for us. When we are in some kind of mental stress, Allah also gives us the strength to bear it, He will never leave you alone.

Try to make five times prayer a habit, you will surely feel good after that. Prayer is the best tool for Muslims to reduce mental stress. Make a prayer to Allah regularly, talk about everything that is bothering you and you will feel so light and refreshing. Open your heart in front of Allah and have a firm belief that He can change things. Allah loves those people who are patient and seek His mercy.


You should consult your therapist about things that are bothering you. Even during Quarantine, you can connect with a therapist through the Instacare Telemedicine App or visit here. Along with that try to sleep well, decrease caffeine intake, make a proper routine and focus on the positive things in life. Always think about the blessings of life, rather than the ones you did not get. Try to keep yourself busy and be optimistic. You are stronger than you think! For more info, visit here.


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