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Medicines are an important and necessary part of many people’s life. People of all age groups need to take medicines to get better when they are sick. Almost everyone has taken medicine at some stage of their life. Since you should follow the medicine dose and frequency properly, it is important that you have easy access to get them. It is problematic for many people to get their medicines from stores. Telemedicine applications can help you in getting medicine delivery at your doorstep. In this article, we are going to discuss how can you get your medicine parcel via InstaCare telemedicine application and what are its benefits.

Steps of medicine delivery

All you have to do for getting your medicine delivery is, get online, connect to the internet, and order. You can book your medicine from the comfort of your home.  Also, you can get the parcel on the same day, now you need not worry if its either lockdown or hot weather outside.

Generally, there are two ways by which you can book your medicines online. Firstly, you can upload your prescription online and we will send you the full course of your treatment at your home. Secondly, you can visit the store online and book as per your need. For this, you need to search for medicines online on the website or application that you need. Add them to your cart, get the bill, and we will reach with your medicine delivery at your doorstep. You can pay the cash upon getting the parcel.

Why should you use telemedicine for medicine delivery?

Telemedicine applications have made life much easier than before. You can consult with your doctor, get your medicines at home, book your lab tests, or get information by reading health blogs. It is beneficial to get medicines at home especially for elderly people. They face a lot of problem in going out to store and buy medicine for themselves. Also, they usually need life long medications, so going again and again to buy them is so tiring.

Medicine delivery via telemedicine is also valuable for those who are busy in their jobs. They can book the medicines by sitting at their office and get them when they reach at home.  It saves their time of going out to the store, telling the shopkeepers to take out the medicines and standing in long queues.

Medicine home delivery is helpful for handicapped people as well who face difficulty in getting out. Also, those who do not have people to look after and take care of them. It would be beneficial for mothers who cannot leave their kids alone at home and need to get their medicines.

People who have undergone surgery usually need to have followed up medications. They can also get their medicines at the doorstep with the help of telemedicine. By this, they would not have to move or their attendant would also feel less pressurized if someone would bring their medicines at home.


Telemedicine is a remarkable development of technology by which you can get everything done on a single click. Getting medicines at home is literally so helpful. Since people nowadays have to look after many things, telemedicine makes life easier for those people. It helps in saving time, energy, and organizes your life. By using telemedicine applications for medicine delivery, you would not miss your dose and can complete a proper mediation regimen.

Missing doses can be so bad for you at times. Like missing antibiotic doses, it can lead to antibiotic resistance, making it harder to get rid of bacterial infection. If the dose of contraceptive is missed, it can lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding or unplanned pregnancy. People who suffer from life long problems like asthma and diabetes, they also need to take their medicine doses on time. Missing a dose for these people can lead to exacerbation of attacks.

You should completely make sure that you order for the next dose before the ending of the first one so that you do not miss the dose. With the help of telemedicine, get your medicine delivery on time and do not miss the dose. At InstaCare, we make sure the medicines are stored at an optimal temperature and in good condition.

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