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    All About Neurology Electronic Medical Record Software in Pakistan

    What is a neurology electronic medical record software?

    The neurology electronic medical record software is a specially designed software for neurology that performs all the administrative activities of the hospital or clinic without the need for external help. It will book appointments of the patients online, create inventory reports, manage cash flow, and will keep you informed about everything going on in your hospital. It helps you in working more productively.

    It contains all the records that one would find in the chart of a healthcare provider, like name, age, diagnosis, medication history, disease history, allergy history, and immunization record of the patient. The healthcare providers can access the records of the patients from anywhere at any time. All they need for that is a medical record number. It lets you store all the information about patients, information about your business, create bills, manages the inventory, and many more. 

    What are the benefits of using neurology electronic medical record software?

    InstaCare provides the best neurology electronic medical record software. There are many benefits of using neurology EMR software. It enables you to work in a well organized and hassle-free manner. Some of those benefits are as follows. 

    • Increases in productivity
    • Saves your efforts
    • Lowers the workload
    • Saves overall cost investment
    • Manages the inventory 
    • The electronic prescription feature keeps the prescription safe
    • Helps healthcare professionals serve better
    • Interconnects healthcare professionals
    • Performs token generation automatically
    • Reduces labor needs
    • Interconnects all the department of the hospital
    • Keeps the record secure
    • Contains a feature of electronic prescription 
    • Easy to use interface
    • Digitizes your clinic or hospital completely
    • Sends reminders to the clients in the form of emails, messages, and calls
    • Reduces no show visits of the patient
    • Makes it easy and faster to reach the records of the patient