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Best Dental Clinic Management Software in Pakistan

The modern world is moving towards digital solutions. And it is a must for every businessman, artist, or social worker to take full advantage of these solutions. Otherwise, within 5 to 7 years, their existence will collapse. Now unlike every other person, the case with dentists in Pakistan is a bit different. The requirements of dentists are much more than an average doctor. The diagnosis process is very unique and treatment plans are also diverse. In such situations without updated dental clinic management software, it’d be much more difficult for them to manage especially in Pakistan. After all, they are dentists, not managers.

Statistics on dentists’ workflow

Time Management

According to a study, only 27% of a dentist’s time is spent with the patient during an appointment. Due to lack of this time, they always feel a need to give more time to them. But due to other office works like record keeping, staff management, etc, they are unable to give proper time and hence end up giving over time in clinics. This huge amount could be used in many other productive activities. Like entertaining more patients, or sparing time for one’s own health, or spending time with the family,

Appointment Scheduling

This leads to another issue that is faced by dentists, which is appointment scheduling. The issue of patients coming late on appointments, or even skipping the appointment altogether without any notice is prevalent among our institutions. Most of the time, the excuse they come up with is actually not true and the real reason is often that they just forgot about it. This reduces productivity by up to 30%. If one of your patients doesn’t appear at the appointment, you loose two patients simultaneously, which is a huge loss.


Another challenge is to keep an eye on the finances. According to a study in Lahore, dentists spend one to two hours daily in managing their finances. Around 40 to 60 hours per month Adding to that, if one outsource this job or give another person this task, there is always a trust issue. You can’t trust any random guy to have access to all of your clinic. This risk keeps dentists worried and psychologically disturbed.

Benefits of Dental Clinic Management Software


In-depth benefits of a Clinic Management software is difficult to state here, but to name a few features that can add significant value to dentists are as follows:

Appointment Scheduling

Time is one of the most precious things in the modern world. A dental clinic management software will help you save your and your patient’s time. With the Appointment scheduling system, you’ll be able to plan the whole day, week, and month accordingly so there are no clashes between appointments. Moreover, the clinic management software will send them a reminder message, so they can recall their appointment and plan things accordingly. This way your patients know when is there turn and you also know when you can have a break and when to get back.

This feature is discussed in the following clip:

Billing Management

It’s always a hassle to keep an eye on finances. And no matter how much precision you practice, there’s always a fear that have I counted it correctly. This fear can be eliminated by using a reliable dental clinic management software. It gives you access to all your finances in one touch. This way, you’ll never need to worry about finance management.

Treatment Plans

It’s better to guide your patients in their treatment plans. Treatment plans are something that is not so common in our culture but is really beneficial. Treatment plans basically draw a layout of what practices your patient should follow to get well. This way you can monitor if your patients are following the plan recommended and can make adjustments easily without confusing them a lot.


Telemedicine or remote consultation is the future. In fact, it is prevalent among doctors even today. What it does is that you talk to your patient via video call and then recommend medicines that reach his home from medical stores integrated with your software. Plus if you have recommended some tests, labs integrated with clinic management software will take care of that. One problem is that it’s difficult to diagnose properly via video call. Most psychiatrists use it. Doctors use it mostly for quick check-ups or follow-ups.

Inventory Management (for Hospitals)

For hospitals and often for clinics, it’s difficult to keep track of inventory. Dental management software allows you to keep track of your inventory so you can keep an eye on the resources being used and in case you want to order more, you can do it easily by vendor integration option.

These are only a few benefits that are mentioned. You can visit here for more details, features, and pricing of management software in Pakistan. For more questions, contact us here.



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