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EMR software in Pakistan

The electronic medical record software is a system that keeps the record of all the ongoing activities and helps with its management. It serves as a complete directory of the patient that contains their name, age, gender, disease history, medication history, documented allergies, and all the other health conditions. With its use, healthcare providers can easily access the records of the patients with only a medical record number. This software has made keeping and managing information about the patient much simple and easy. Thereby, enabling you in increasing overall clinical productivity. Moreover, you can also save the cost you would invest in hiring people for different activities. The software would let you store all the details of the patient without any hassle.  It also enables you to transform your business activities into digital means. With it, you do not need to create tokens, bills, or documents by yourself. It will create all the documents digitally and you can share them with your clients as well. Hence, making it easy to interconnect with each other.

What are the features of an electronic medical record system?

 Management of patient’s record

The electronic medical record software keeps a piece of detailed information about the patients. It contains all the information about them like name, address, phone number, occupation, allergies, medication history, lab test results, previous disease history, vitals, prescription, and much more.

Appointment booking

People can book their appointments with the doctor through an electronic medical record system, anytime, from anywhere. The software would assign them an appointment according to the healthcare provider’s time and schedule.

Inventory management

An electronic medical record system has a feature of inventory management through which it manages the sales and purchase of goods. It will keep you updated about which product you should order and which not. Through proper inventory management, you can save time, effort as well as money.

Queue management

You will not be required to hire a separate person to manage the queue if you have electronic health record software. It will generate tokens for each patient so that they know how much time is left for their turn and they can wait patiently. It helps in the peaceful management of the queue.

Multi-user access

Multiple healthcare providers can instantly access their patient’s records from anywhere. Due to this, they are well informed about how the patients are doing. Also, they can make alterations in the patient’s prescription whenever it is needed.

Medical billing

The electronic health record software generates bills in a few seconds. While if you do that manually, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Easy payment

Through the software, you can pay the bills with ease. People can pay online through this software. They do not need to bring cash to the counter. When they deposit the amount, they get an electronic receipt.

One-click back up

You do not need to worry about your data is safe if you keep it in an electronic health record software. No matter if you lose it, you can back it up with ease. Electronic health record software has a one-click backup system, through which your data remains safe and secure.


The electronic medical record software is a system that keeps the record of all the ongoing activities and helps with its management. It serves as a complete directory of the patient. The healthcare providers can use it by entering all the data they want to save. Also, they can change it whenever they want. Through it, the healthcare providers can be more productive and serve better.