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Which clinic management software can increase productivity in Pakistan?

Running a clinic is a stressful job and managing all the tasks smoothly takes a lot of time and energy. The clinic management software helps you in administrative, financial, scheduling, and many other tasks.  By using it, you can reduce a lot of stress from your head and things can move smoothly. While living in Pakistan, you can use InstaCare’s clinic management software. It contains different features that help increase overall clinical productivity.  In this article, we are going to discuss why should you use clinic management software and how it helps you in daily work.

Record keeping for better clinic management

The clinic management system records every detail about the patient. It would store the patient’s name, age, gender, medication history, disease history, lab reports, and a visit to the doctor. The physician would put all the notes on it, making it easier to recall it later. This software helps you to keep the record safe and secure. The record-keeping feature helps in moving things smoothly and peacefully. Since the patient’s data is one of the important parts of clinical practice, proper record keeping is necessary. Also, the staff members can access the record easily, without any hassle, anywhere, anytime. They do not need to invest plenty of time in searching for the hard copy record.

Complete business insight

By using the clinic management software, you would get a complete insight into your business. You can review the financial and operational reports at a glance. It would also help you in managing inventory control, which is an important part of a business. Since improper inventory management can lead to overstocking or understocking and can cause damage to your business. You can avoid all the errors related to inventory control and protect your business by using a clinic management system.  It will also show the number of patients who have attended the appointments and who have not.

This will give an idea of how many people are approaching to your clinic daily. You can also keep an eye on sales and purchase, and for that, you do not need to wait for a person to complete the whole record.

Reduces error

Clinic management software generates computerized prescriptions, that reduces the chance of medication errors. Also, it shows suggestions about diseases and medication, making it easier for physicians to make a final diagnosis and prescription. If a physician mistakenly prescribes a medication that is not related to the diagnosis/diseases, or in improper dose, it would automatically alarm them. This feature of clinical management software helps in reducing medication errors. Also, when billing is done manually, it creates a lot of hassle and ambiguity.

The clinic management system creates bills quickly and accurately. The clients do not need to wait for a long time waiting in the queue to check out. This saves the time for everyone, the staff member, patient, and the attendant. In this way, you can avoid people’s rush and work smoothly, without overcrowding.

Easy appointment scheduling

The clients can book appointments on their own, online by using the clinic management software. They can access their portal anytime from anywhere. All they need to book their appointments is an electronic device and an internet connection. The clinic management system sends automated reminders to the patient in the form of text messages, emails, and calls so that they do not miss their appointments. In this way, the software helps in reducing no show visits from the patient’s side. By implementing an online appointment system, the staff members can focus on working on other things that are more important than booking appointments. You can also save money by reducing the staff members or by reducing their working duration.

Good coordination and time saving

All healthcare providers can review and work on the same patient’s file simultaneously, which is not possible with a paper record system. When everyone would work separately on the file, it would take a lot of time. They would have to wait for long hours to review the file. By using software, it would save a lot of health care provider’s time because all the information would be saved in it and they can review it. This would also give a proper insight to each healthcare professional about the patient’s detail. They can study the file in as much time as they want, which they cannot do with a hard copy record.


InstaCare is providing accurate and easy to use clinic management software. It would help your clinic to work smoothly and without any hassle. You can save a huge amount of money that you would invest in paying the IT professionals to work for your clinic. Instead, use a clinic management software that would ease the tasks and would save your staff member’s time as well, hence increasing clinical productivity.