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Clinic Management Software

The token management system is a software to manage and organize queues by providing people with tokens. It is an effective method to manage queues with large amounts of people. Token management system works as follows

1. The customer prints their token from the kiosk by clicking on the token button.

2. They get the token and wait at the sitting area, waiting for their turn.

3. When it’s their turn, they see their number on the LED and go to their respective counter or the doctor’s office and get their work done.

In this way, long queues are easily managed without any panic and chaos. A token management system is used in some hospitals for seeing the doctor, lab tests, pharmacy, and other tasks. It can greatly increase in overall clinical productivity. In this article, we are going to talk about how can a token management system help in increasing clinical productivity.

1. Discipline

Using a token management system is proof that a large influx of people can be managed by using the right strategies. By using the token management system, everyone patiently waits for their turn and get their work done in a systematic way. In this way, there’s no inconvenience faced and discipline is maintained. It also saves the customer’s time by reducing the hassle and crowd.

2. Low stress on staff

Managing a huge number of people at once can be stressful for the staff.  Not everyone follows their queue and patiently waits for their turn, causing inconvenience to the worker at the counter. By using a token management system, everyone is bound to follow the queue and wait for their turn. This reduces the pressure on the workers and they can work easily and handle large amounts of people in a systematic manner. Reduced pressure lets the staff members focus on tasks that are more important than managing the queue.

3. Easy for customers

The token management system is easier for customers as compared to the regular system of queue-making. By using the token management system, people don’t have to stand for hours in a line. Instead, they can sit comfortably in the customer lounge and wait for their turn in a pleasant manner. In this time, they can do other tasks such as reading a book, checking emails, or making a phone call. These things are almost impossible to do otherwise, standing in a queue.

Moreover, a token management system is feasible for the clients because it tells exactly how many people are waiting ahead. So if the customer needs to do something important, they can leave the lounge by knowing exactly how much time they have for their turn to come. And most importantly, that too without worrying about losing the spot in the queue.

4. Efficient

The token management system is more efficient and smooth as compared to the normal queue system. It helps save the valuable time of the staff and the customer by reducing hassle and nuisance as well as managing things in a well-ordered, well-structured manner. Moreover, it gives an insight to the hospital administration about how many people visited the hospital for what purpose. Monitoring the reason for people’s visit is very hard otherwise. In this way, the administration can have a better idea of what parts to focus more on and how to give their visitors the best care possible.

5. Easy for everyone

One of the benefits of using a token management system is that it is easy to use. Everyone can understand the process and follow it. Moreover, it is easier for people on wheelchairs or those who are differently-abled, to follow the queue. It is hard to follow a regular standing queue in a wheelchair. Or those people who cannot hear or talk, can not communicate at the counter. By using the token management system, if someone is ill or in a wheelchair, they can still easily follow the queue easily without any discomfort.


The token management system is a really effective, well-structured, and easy way to manage a queue. The process is uncomplicated and easy to follow and reduces inconvenience to a great degree. Token management system increases clinical productivity by saving precious time, lessening stress on the staff, and giving the customers better satisfaction. Instead of anxiety, customers are given peace of mind. This system should be followed in all hospitals as it helps manage everything in a smooth manner. InstaCare is providing software that contains a token management system. You should try using it to work in a better way with increased clinical productivity. For more information, please contact InstaCare.