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Digital Prescription Software in Pakistan

What is digital prescription software?

Digital prescription software is also known as e-prescription or electronic prescription software. It is an easy-to-use e-prescribing software system that helps doctors to select medicines, allergies, and diagnoses with print and auto-sharing options. 

What are the features of digital prescription software?

Best prescription software always comes with various features that help medical professionals in many ways. Following are some of the salient features of e-prescription software:

  1. Prescription Templates
    Templates features in any prescription software will help you create prefilled templates for different complaints and cases. It helps doctors to save time and create prescriptions in just a few minutes.
  2. Repeat Prescription
    With the Repeat Prescription feature, doctors can repeat any previous prescription of the patient quickly. It not only saves a lot of time but also helps in retrieving historic medical records easily.
  3. Auto Fill Option
    A good e prescribing software allows doctors with autocomplete options for diagnosis and treatments. Most clinic and patient management software are integrated with the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) or any other version to populate the diagnosis according to the right categories and codes. It increases the accuracy of the treatment.Autofill medicine option is also available in any prescription software that populates the list of medicine upon typing few characters to help to prevent any medication error due to wrong dosage or formation of a medicine.
  4. Medicines reminders for patients
    Doctors can also use electronic prescriptions to set reminders for alerting medicines about their medication timings and dosage. It helps medical professionals to make their patients take the medication regularly.
  5. Alerts for Drug Interactions
    Drug-drug interactions (DDIs) are used as a tool for the evaluation of potentially harmful DDIs. This is one of the prime reasons for using electronic prescription software. Identifying DDIs timely can prevent medication errors and ensure patient safety.

What are the benefits of digital prescription software?

E Prescribing software for doctors and clinics is helping professionals by increasing accuracy and improving patient experience. Let’s discuss some key benefits of digital prescription:

  1. Improve Accuracy
  2. Improve Patient Experience
  3. Less Prescription Loss
  4. Fewer Chances of Medication Errors
  5. Quick Medical History Reconciliation

How Digital / Electronic Prescriptions Software helps doctors in Pakistan?

E Prescription software is getting popular because of significant improvements in internet technology and digital health in Pakistan. Moreover, more doctors are now using clinic management software in Pakistan than ever. Digital Prescriptions often come as a feature and benefit of good clinic management software. Therefore, doctors use such software not only for writing E Prescriptions but for complete clinic management.

Doctors often face prescription loss challenges. Patients often visit clinics without bringing any medical history or prescription of the previous visit. It becomes difficult to diagnose the patient with accuracy in such situations. That is another reason why doctors use software for clinics and writing digital prescriptions.

What is the price of digital prescription software?

The price of digital prescription software in Pakistan starts from PKR 3,000 per month to 5,000 per month. The quoted price is for a cloud-based clinic management system that offers a monthly subscription. It may vary from product to product. You can also find offline software but they are not recommended due to their unreliability.

How to buy digital prescription software online?

InstaCare is Pakistan’s top digital health company. More than 3,000 doctors in Pakistan use InstaCare software for clinics. You can buy digital prescription software with a live demo and free training from the professional team.

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