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One of the essential tasks during clinical practice is proper record keeping.  You must have a detailed record of your patients when they visit your place. Managing records is a problematic task, but it can be made easier by using a patient record management system. This software helps you in storing essential information and the history of your patients.  It is a part of the healthcare operation and is responsible for the whole life cycle of record keeping.

The life cycle of record-keeping includes:

  1. Create/ recieve
  2. Use/ modify
  3. Maintenance/ protection
  4. Disposal/ destruction
  5.  Archive/ preserve

The answer to the question, that is patient record management is worth using is for efficient and reliable health care practice, a patient record system is necessary. A few benefits of the patient management system is as follows:

Benefits of patient record management

 Fewer errors

Imagine if you have placed two people’s files, having the same name together. There is a huge chance of mixing those files, hence resulting in a big medical blunder. If you would save the patient’s record in a patient record management software, you would assign a separate medical record number to each patient. No matter if they have the same names, the medical record number is unique for each person. Assigning a medical record number helps in reducing errors and lets the processes move smoothly. Errors in clinical practice can lead to fatalities, therefore it is important to recheck before doing anything during clinical practice.

Easy access and time-saving

How if a patient has visited your hospital four or five years back, and you have to take out their file from the stock of files. It would take a long time and a lot of effort to reach their medical records. While if you store their information in a patient record management system, you can access their record in minutes. Moreover, it will help save your time and energy.

Furthermore, it saves the healthcare provider’s time as well. Since everyone can access the patient’s data with a single click, they do not need to wait for the file. They can evaluate and read the patient’s detail in a very short time. Also, they do not need to send someone in person to bring the file from a different department.


You can save money by using electronic patient record management. You would be needing fewer types of equipment, papers, stationery, photocopies, fax, and printing. Since all these things cost money, you can save that amount by shifting your record to electronic management of data. Also, you would be needing a staff who would retrieve the file from the pile and bring it to you. If you would be using a patient record management system, you would not need that as well. Therefore, you can save the amount you would invest in hiring someone.

Moreover, you would not need to devote a place for the storage of files, everything will be stored electronically, safely, and securely. You can utilize that space for some better purposes rather than record-keeping.

Easy billing

Electronic patient record management makes it much easier to check out for patients from the hospital. People do not need to wait for long hours for bill generation and payment. When everything is stored in an electronic system, a bill can be made with a single click. Otherwise, manual billing takes a lot of time and effort. Commonly, people have to wait many hours before getting discharged from hospitals because manual billing creates a lot of hassle and is time taking.

Progress monitoring

Through patient record management software, the patients can enter and update their day to day progress by themselves. In this way, healthcare providers can also get an insight into the patient’s progress. Moreover, they can also update the prescription and add notes that are vital for the patient’s health. A proper record is stored that helps in the future in making the diagnosis, ruling out causes of illness, prescribing medicines, etc.


Finally, patient record management software is worthy and a must-have tool nowadays. It keeps a complete detailed record of the patient’s history that is so important in clinical practice. Electronic medical record software has revolutionized clinical practice. Keeping records was never this easy and fast before its evolution.

Now the healthcare providers can access their patient’s information from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the patient can also access their records and make changes as they feel. In this way, the patient and the healthcare professionals keep connected with each other. The doctor can virtually monitor their patients and the patients feel satisfied and comfortable in being in touch with their consultant.  InstaCare is providing a low cost and easy to use patient record management system. You should consider using it for making record keeping easier, faster, and hassle-free in your clinic or hospital. For more information, please contact InstaCare.