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Mental Health Quarantine

With the closures of schools, parenting during lockdown has become challenging. In millions of homes across the globe this very minute, parents are juggling like never before as they struggle to teach their children while earning a living during the lockdown. As the daily routine of children is gone, they fond it hard to accept their parents as teachers. The world’s best teacher said the same thing. Creativity starts with questions. It will enhance their analytical skill, as well. Give them one or two hours daily to perform the creative task like painting, sketching, and anything else.


As per the United Nations report:

  • .1.24 billion children and young people are out of school
  • 124 countries have closed schools and universities
  • 3/4th of all enrolled learners around the globe

UNICEF’s Stance

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other organizations issued tips for parenting during a lockdown. “School shutdown is also a chance to make better relationships with our children and teenagers,” says UNICEF in the guidance document. “One-on-One time is free and fun. It makes children feel loved and secure, and shows them that they are important.” In a report on how to talk to children about this disease, UNICEF says, “Children have a right to know the truth information of what is going on in the world. But the adults use age-appropriate language, observe their reaction, and know their level of anxiety.” Changes in lifestyle during this crisis can adversely affect the mental health of children. It is always essential to take care of mental health.

Tips for parents

           1۔ Help them to spend quality time

Most of the kids who are in introductory classes are staying at home. They are not attending online lectures. But some schools are arranging their sessions with heir peers online to engage them with their peers and keep them, active learners, even during this pandemic. While the children of higher classes are attending online lectures, help them to fit in this routine.  For example, they have the workload of their assignments and are unable to adopt this new system.

            2۔ Take care of children’s mental health

This crisis is not only limited to physical health. Mental health also becomes essential due to lockdown. It will affect mostly children because they do not have a mental capacity to understand the seriousness of this problem. Children are worried due to this lockdown as they do not have that freedom to roam and play. It is the most challenging task to take care of their mental health. To do this, keep them busy at doing creative tasks. They have limited and scheduled access to online content.

            3. Working out with children

The physical activity of children reaches approximately zero due to the closure of playing grounds and parks. Workout with them to make them fit and active. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended 150 minutes normal workout weekly or 75 minutes of an intense exercise. My friend told me that he was doing a workout on his roof due to lockdown. Some children look at him daily when he works out. After 15 days, they also started doing the same exercises. We are a role model for our children.

            4. Make a schedule

The making of a plan is better because this will maximize productivity even if everyone is at home. It will make them feel like a normal life is going on. The printing of worksheets is a good option for the homework because young children like to work on worksheets.

            5. Limit screen time

The children are free these days. So, it does not mean that they can sit Ridley in front of T.V. and can use the iPod the whole day. It will affect their eyesight. Put a time limit on their usage for entertainment.

Hence, it is crucial to tackling, the physical as well as mental health of children. We should help them to work out even during this pandemic. Beauce, when this crisis will over, we should not be regret just passing this time and not doing anything productive. These are the essential tips for the parents to help the children during lockdown to balance their lives. However, if you want any consultation regarding this disease, contact us on Instacare