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Coronavirus has taken all over the world and turned into a pandemic. Many people have got the infection, others are feeling so anxious and are in a state of panic. People are feeling so exhausted and tense during the quarantine. Since this pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. During this time, everyone has the same question that when will this pandemic end. The answer to this question, in turn, depends on many questions are we going to get the coronavirus vaccine? do we stay at home and practice quarantine properly? and are we following proper safety measures? The pandemic end depends hugely on how we act during this crucial time. In this article, we are going to discuss the factors on which the pandemic end depends.


Pandemic end strongly depends on either we will get the vaccine for it or not. If we get a vaccine that is safe and effective then we can hope to get out of this pandemic soon. But we cannot expect it to happen too early. It would be great if the doctors could vaccinate everyone against coronavirus as they do against smallpox, to eradicate it. We also need to know how will this virus behave in the future, because it would not go permanently away from us. Maybe it will appear back seasonally, more in winter, spring, and autumn and less in early summer.

Number of affected people

The number of affected people in a country will let the experts know about statistics off future infection chances. In countries like Italy and Spain where many people have got the infection, few are left to get the infection. The epidemic in those countries would come down naturally due to saturation leading to the pandemic end. This is the thing that occurred with previous pandemics of which there was no treatment discovered.

Hygiene and safety measures

The pandemic end depends greatly on either we practice safety measures or not against coronavirus at this time. As Centres of Disease Control and Prevention has advised everyone to wash their hands and stay in quarantine, it is important that we practice them. If everyone would not play their role we would never get rid of this virus.  Since a single person can infect many people, even those people are practicing the right safety measures.  We will have to keep following good self-hygiene practices and avoid crowded places for a long period of time to protect ourselves. Every single person plays a role in the pandemic end because a single person can become a source of transmission to many many people. Therefore to make an estimate about the pandemic end, safety measures play a big role.


The tests should be conducted on a larger scale to help in the pandemic end. When more people will get tested, the experts could get to know about it and they can be isolated early, without infecting other people. If people are asked to rely on their symptoms and get tested when facing severe symptoms. This would multiply the infection rate because they would not isolate themselves from their family. Or there is a chance that a person can go out and expose it to others. Some people would face less severe symptoms, and they would transmit it to others. If tests are done on a larger scale it would eventually help in isolating the healthy ones from the unhealthy ones.

Rural communities

The higher authorities should make sure that there are enough resources for rural areas to cope up with this pandemic. Since urban areas are rich with resources and can cope up with complex situations, but this situation is hard for them. So the rural areas need special attention and support to function properly. Also, there is a lack of awareness, and the people there would not practice safety measures properly. The authorities should make sure that the people living there are practicing social distancing and other measures as well. In rural areas, there are many people living together. So one infected person can infect all of them, resulting in an infection on a large scale. Also, the less privileged people should be supported with funds so that they need not go out and work something to earn and expose themselves to others.


We can hope to get the pandemic end soon. But at the same time, we should be vigilant and attentive enough to follow all the safety measures. The pandemic end eventually depends on how we act and react to the situation. How we act today will decide our future. So stay positive, optimistic, and responsible! For more information, visit here or reach us at Instacare.