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Digital Health Case Study Partnerships
akram medical complex lahore partnership with InstaCare

InstaCare, a leading EMR software company, has teamed up with the Akram Medical Complex to digitize its clinical practices. Doctors will now be able to use advanced Machine Learning and AI-based clinic automation systems to digitize and automate the overall patient care experience. It will help doctors by:

  1. Making Clinics Paperless increases efficiency and productivity.
  2. Maintaining Electronic Medical and Health Records (EMR/EHR).
  3. Writing Digital Prescriptions to reduce medication errors and make them patient-friendly.
  4. Improving Patient Experience with Electronic Appointments for better time management
  5. Offering virtual care with telemedicine to increase the access for patients as well as doctors.

“We are excited to have Akram Medical Complex Onboard for clinic automation systems for their doctors, hospitals,. This Digitalization and clinic automation will help to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare. I am proud that it has been achieved by InstaCare,” said Bilal Amjad, CEO InstaCare Pvt. Ltd.

InstaCare is an internationally recognized healthcare IT company with a vision to make quality healthcare accessible for all. The company is transforming the overall patient care journey at every stage. Their patient-focused web and mobile apps are being used for the discovery and delivery of medical consultations, medicines, and lab tests on the doorstep.

On the other hand, InstaCare’s clinic automation systems are increasing the productivity of doctors and reducing the chances of medication errors.