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Diseases and Prevention

What is the 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

2019-n Coronavirus is a family of a large number of viruses that belong to the bigger family of Corona RNA. Among these, other similar viruses are MERS-CoV, HKU-1, and SARS-CoV. 2019-nCoV is considered to be the deadliest but if proper measures are taken, it’s relatively easier to prevent it.


In December 2019, a cluster of people was identified with pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Inspection of these people revealed that it was caused due to a previously unknown virus then, named 2019 Novel CoronaVirus. Similar viruses were found earlier like in 2012, MERS-CoV, in Arabia and SARS-CoV were discovered in 2002, again in China.

The initial study on coronaviruses was done in the 1960s and cases has been appeared since then. But mostly, the virus was of a different type hence a proper scholarly resource is not available. World Health Organization (WHO) has designed a help-page for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus for more history.


The researchers have proposed the hypothesis that maybe because of the open animal market in Wuhan, the virus has somehow transferred from animals to humans and got mutated. A detailed analysis of earlier viruses has also stated similar facts. SARS-CoV was spread through cats earlier in China and MERS-CoV was spread though camels in Saudi Arabia. Though the source of 2019-nCov has not been verified yet, the presence of the market indicates its possibility to be true.


Since it’s a newly discovered virus, all the symptoms cannot be stated with complete verification but considering the recent cases, symptoms of this special Coronavirus include fever, cough, runny nose, and breathing difficulties. In severe cases, it can cause pneumonia and severe respiratory issues. Children, seniors, and people with some severe medical history are more vulnerable to becoming ill with this virus.

Coronavirus in China and Pakistan

425 people have died due to Coronavirus and around 2700 are affected by it. 80 has died within Wuhan. Older people and children are more likely to get attacked. The main source of expansion in Wuhan, China was the animal market. But now the primary way is through the air and respiratory systems among the citizens. Since its emergence, the WHO has announced an emergency and the Chinese government is also taking action to stop its expansion. Basic guidelines include wearing masks and keeping one’s body warm.

In Pakistan, on the contrary, the struggle is to figure out if the virus exists or not. Till now, the tests and reports show that there is no Corona in Pakistan. 5 potential cases were treated which included 3 Pakistani and 2 Chinese individuals in Pakistan. Fortunately, all of them are found negative.

What measures the Pakistan Government has taken?

The government has set up corona info booths in various hospitals around the country that give emergency services and any related information. Dr. Zafar Mirza, State Minister of Health of Pakistan tweeted yesterday that they are thoroughly checking passengers that are traveling from abroad to Pakistan to make sure that corona doesn’t enter the country.

Pakistani students who are stuck in the city of Wuhan are something that everyone is concerned about. They have pleaded the government to evacuate them, but Prime Minister Imran Khan has refused partly to show Pakistan’s solidarity with China and partly because of the risk that this way it might enter Pakistan.


Safety Tips

WHO has issues. safety tips to prevent Coronaviruses.  These include

  • Wash hand frequently using an alcohol-based rub or soap or water.
  • Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing.
  • Avoid close contact with others.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of meat

The virus hasn’t been found at an alarming amount outside China. But if you are traveling to or from China, make sure that you follow prescribed practices to save yourself and near ones. For expert advice regarding the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of Corona, just leave a message. Visit instacare for more information.