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EHR software
EHR Software

A solution that aids practices of all sizes in maintaining patient health files are cloud-based EHR software. Instead of keeping the files on paper or, more likely, on an internal server at a particular hospital or practice, this technology stores them in the cloud.

Numerous businesses, including a wide range of software services, are migrating the cloud-based EHR software. Applications for labour management, bookkeeping, data storage, commerce management, and other software services have moved or are transitioning to a cloud delivery method. Below are some reasons why cloud-based EHR software is suitable for patients.

You Can Keep Costs Low And Prevent Rate Increases

You might anticipate cheaper operational costs after you use cloud-based EHR software. The IT department, for instance, might not be as necessary (or if you already outsource some or all of this task, you can cut down on those third-party services). While some practices operating without a cloud solution could be obliged to raise charges, you might, at the very least, be able to preserve your current pricing schedule.

Better Patient Information Access For Doctors

When you use cloud-based EHR software, busy doctors and nurses will have easier access to patient records. The cloud-based EHR software enables access via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, regardless of whether the doctor is on rounds at a hospital or vacation but still wants to view the data.

Provides Excellent Access To Essential Information

Most EHR systems can be accessed practically anywhere with the correct app or web address, a log-in name and a password because cloud-based EHR systems require logging in to access the system. This implies that your eye care team may easily travel throughout the business and even between offices, accessing patient records while on the road and offering higher-quality patient care.

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Make It Simpler For Service Providers To Work Together

Quick access and log-on capabilities make it easier for providers to work together to deliver improved patient care. Depending on how your EHR is configured, numerous clinicians may have simultaneous access to records. With a cloud-based EHR, there is no need to wait for records to be uploaded and transmitted—endless possibilities.

Universal Access

A cloud-based EHR software’s ability to provide your practice access from anywhere is one of the most innovative and sector-changing features.

  • Access to patient health information, real-time charting, creating and modifying current encounters, and even mobile prescribing are all available to authorized users.
  • Anywhere access for your medical personnel is crucial for achieving higher productivity levels, enhancing note-taking accuracy, and providing your doctors with a secure means of communicating with employees and patients.
  • The lack of cloud-based EHR software results in gaps between patient encounters and the time a doctor has to enter their notes, limited access to secure communication, and doctors spending more time at their workstations than with patients.

Effective Space Utilization

Server-based EHRs need to host substantial equipment, reducing the amount of space available in your clinic, and to restrict your ability to expand. A cloud-based EHR eliminates the risk of a physical server location that is not always secure while allowing providers to make better use of their physical space.

  • An EHR that is hosted in the cloud is entirely maintained online.
  • While some might believe this raises cybersecurity threats, this is certainly untrue.
  • EHRs hosted in the cloud are more secure than those on servers.

Cloud-Based EHR Is Confidential

Cloud-based electronic health records are confidential despite the ease of access. They are protected from theft and computer disasters by being kept on a secure server located outside your workplace. If you don’t safeguard your patients’ records, sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands.


You can visit the InstaCare website to learn how easy electronic medical record charting maybe if you’re considering migrating your patient information to the cloud.