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Electronic Health Record
EHR System

Do you still maintain paper-based systems? Have you considered whether the difficulties of transferring your files to digital format are worth the advantages of also using an electronic health record EHR system? An unbiased comparison of paper-based versus electronic health record systems (EHR) patient file management is given in this article.

Fact-Based Comparisons Showing How An EHR Outperforms Paper-Based Systems

Massive Amounts of Paper Pose Storage and Environmental Problems

Every time a patient visits, 10–13 pieces of paper are produced. Two thousand visits a month are easily logged by a small rural clinic. That amounts to more than 24,000 documents that must be filed annually. Additionally, the cost rises regarding personnel costs, office supplies, and missed productivity when you have to share information with specialists and insurance providers. Contrast that procedure with sending appropriate file copies over the internet using a digital format, which merely needs a few clicks. You may send test results, pictures, and office notes to one person or 1,000 people in seconds.

Paper Records Are Modifiable

Paper records can also be changed in ways that can be challenging to spot. For instance, someone could provide a copy that has been edited or delete sheets from a report to replace the actual data.

Encryption and robust login and password protection for EHR systems in Pakistan make it far more difficult for also someone to make unauthorized changes to the patient’s chart and other data. Using an EHR enables you to keep spotless records.

Price Factor

The cost of keeping paper records is relatively modest, but it also involves storage and administrative expenditures for people. Although the initial setup costs to buy, create, and deploy full-fledged EHR systems in Pakistan are excessively unreasonable, they are eventually recouped.

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Record keeping

Medical practitioners must set up and manage enormous warehouses to keep paper medical records. Paper documents require a lot of storage space, are difficult to keep up with, and eventually start to degrade. The concerns about excess space and resources are gone with a cloud-based EHR record. The management and upkeep of electronic records are pretty simple.

What makes Electronic Health Record Systems Superior To Paper Medical Records?

EHR systems in Pakistan offer incredible capabilities for exchanging electronic health information. There is no doubt about it. Additionally, it enables healthcare personnel to deliver higher-quality, safer care, which aids an organization’s development of concrete improvements for itself.

EHRs also assist service providers in managing patient care inefficiently, which unquestionably raises client satisfaction.

Here, a few factors make EHR preferable over the traditional paper medical record.

  • At the time of care, it delivers accurate, complete, and current patient information.
  • It makes patient records instantly accessible, assisting healthcare organizations in providing well-coordinated treatment.
  • The ability to safely communicate electronic information with patients and healthcare professionals.
  • It avoids pointless complexities in recordkeeping and guards against human and medical mistakes.
  • It provides faster coding and invoicing and incredibly accurate procedures.
  • Sensitive medical data is more securely and privately stored as a result.
  • It enables medical professionals to increase their output and balance work and life better.
  • EHRs assist healthcare providers in increasing revenue and process efficiency.
  • EHRs assist a company in lowering operating costs by reducing paperwork and other environmental restrictions.
  • It enables healthcare companies to collaborate and exchange crucial data, enhancing decision-making.
  • To find the best medical treatments and medications for patients, EHRs can be connected with any data-analytical program.
  • A healthcare business can interface with state or municipal governments for quality reporting thanks to an EHR system.
  • Artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning algorithms could be combined with EHR-supported systems to allow healthcare service providers to leverage cutting-edge technology to give better patient care.


The above is why EHR systems in Pakistan are better than paper-based systems. For more information on EHR, you can contact the professionals of InstaCare or visit the website.