Hospital management system increases productivity by 300%. Here’s how.

In a hospital, many activities are going on simultaneously. There is a lot of load on the head of the staff members to manage all the activities without any hassle and panic. The best solution to make things move smoothly in a hospital is, by using software that keeps all the record and works efficiently. A hospital management system helps in the proper management of all the operations going on in a hospital, thereby increasing the overall clinical productivity. In this article, we are going to discuss how a hospital management system increases productivity.

A complete database

The hospital management software contains a complete and detailed record of the patient. It contains lab reports, appointment history, medication history, disease history, allergy records, age, gender, and many more etc.  Through this system, the healthcare providers can reach the patient’s record in seconds, from anywhere, anytime. This feature enables things to proceed gently.

The patient does not need to carry their records every time they go to the hospital. All they have to remember or keep safe is their medical record number. Every department of the hospital, let it be pharmacy, gym or outpatient clinics, can access the patient record through their medical record number.

Satisfied clients

The clients can book their appointment on their own by using the online portal of the hospital management system. They just have to log in on their portal by entering the medical record number and password. By this, they can book their appointments from anywhere. It enables them to plan out the appointments according to the patient’s schedule. In this way, no show visits are reduced and it increases in overall clinical productivity.  Also, it saves a lot of staff member’s time, therefore they can focus on any other important task.

No matter if the patient loses any of their medical records like prescription or lab report. They can easily get a copy from the hospital by telling the medical record number. The software also contains a queue management system, that enables to move patients, peacefully. If they are waiting in the queue of an outpatient clinic or for any procedure, they will get a token and computer will call them one by one. Since things move smoothly by a hospital management system, your clients will be happy and satisfied with your service.

Reduces medication errors

When a physician enters all the history and detail about the patient in the hospital management system. It makes sure that the right medication is prescribed for the mentioned disease. Also, it would make sure that there is no medication prescribed that has a contraindication with the diseases or any other medication. In this way, this software helps a lot in reducing medication errors, hence contributing to an increase in productivity.

Online payment

The hospital management system enables clients to pay online. Nowadays, people do not tend to carry a lot of cash with themselves. The whole world moves on credit cards and debit cards. Also, it is not easy to carry a heavy sum of amount that a person would be needing to deposit in the hospital. Since there is a huge risk of theft in carrying cash, people can deposit their bills online, quickly and safely. The online payment feature in makes doing payment easier and safer.

Also, the hospital’s staff members would not need to count the whole sum of money and work manually. When the payment is deposited online, they just give their client an automated receipt. This saves their time and effort, reducing their workload and enabling them to work in a better and smooth way.

Easy billing

Since everything is stored in the hospital management system, it creates bills quickly and accurately. Imagine if someone has to prepare the bill manually. It would take a lot of time and effort. When there are too many patients in the hospital, you would need plenty of people just to make bills. By using software, you can make billing so easier than before. It has all the information in it, so you can get the complete bill in a single click. The easy billing feature enables to save a lot of time, effort and manpower.

You would not need a lot of people in the billing department. Also, there is a chance of overbilling when working manually. The hospital management system also eliminates overbilling and makes accurate bills.


A hospital management system is a must tool for all hospitals nowadays. It has revolutionised clinical practice and helped in a lot of ways to increase productivity. Healthcare workers have a  bigger thing to focus on and that is patient health care. Using the software, it has made easier for them to focus on their clinical practice and they can review everything quickly, without any hassle. Instacare is providing a hospital management system that would increase your hospital’s clinical productivity. It is a low cost and easy to use the software. For more information, please contact InstaCare.