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We all have faced a lot of hassle and panic when visiting a doctor. Many people are gathered at the reception, with a state of panic. Everyone wants to enter the doctor’s office soon. Since the practice of a person managing the patient’s queue creates a lot of stress for the staff members. Therefore you should opt for a clinic management system with a queue management feature.

The clinic management software helps a lot in the proper management of all the operations going on in the clinic. It saves all your patient’s data, creates a report about your business, reduces medication errors, and, helps increase clinical productivity.

Among different features of the clinic management software, one is the queue management. In this article, we are going to discuss how can a clinic management system helps in queue management.


Managing the queue through a clinical management system is safe. This is because many people do not gather at a single place. It reduces the time of exposure by giving the tokens quickly. Since close exposure with each other in a hospital increases the chances of hospital-acquired infections. Therefore it plays a vital role by reducing the time of exposure to stand in a queue and get your token from a person.

Online booking

The clinical management system has made queue management much easier by letting people book their appointments online. People can book their appointments without going to the hospital. They just need to enter their complete detail or a medical record number that is issued by the hospital, to book an appointment.  Through this feature, the client can book their appointments without any hassle. This feature serves in improved customer satisfaction.

Reduced missing turns

Queue management through clinical management software enables people to look at the queue status. Since the number is represented on a screen, the screen informs the patient before they will be called. In this way, if a patient has to go for some other task in the hospital, they can do that.  Also, they can get an insight into how much time is left for their turn to be called. People would be vigilant when the computer calls their name, so they would not miss their turn.

Rescheduling or cancellation

By using the queue management system, people can reschedule or cancel their appointments on their own. They can do that through a mobile application, by sitting at the home. Or they can also do that by presenting at the self-service kiosk. People do not need to explain or talk to anyone about their appointment rescheduling or cancellation.

A complete record

Through proper queue management, the administration can get a complete insight into how much time is invested for a particular activity on each client. For example, it would give a piece of information about how much time a person withdraws blood sample from the patient in a laboratory. Or in how much time a pharmacist could dispense the medication. It will also give an idea about how many people are attended by the staff in a particular period. In this way, the administration can get know-how about the patient’s influx and business progress.

Easy for all patients

Queue management through a clinical management system makes life much easier for people of different age groups or with different conditions. Even disabled people, who cannot speak, or who cannot walk, can get their token on a single click from the self-service kiosk. It is also easy for old aged people to just get a token and wait. Rather than waiting and standing in long queues. Also, many people who present at the doctor’s office have some sort of difficulty. The queue management system reduces the standing time for all people. They can get the token quickly and easily.


Queue management system reduces the overall waiting time, is hassle-free, and also reduces the workload of the staff members. You would not need a person to distribute tokens and call the names of a patient. Since when a person is managing the queue, it creates a lot of panic and chaos.


The patient can easily access their appointment records through a queue management system. They can get an idea of how many appointments they have attended so far and how many of them are left. Also, they will get automated reminders through the clinic management system, which would reduce no show visits.


Queue management through the clinical management system helps in easy and peaceful movement of the queue. It reduces stress from the head of healthcare workers. It also saves their time, therefore they can focus on the clinical activity. Nowadays it is a must-have tool for every clinic.

Since it is a patient complaint software and keeps their full record, it helps them during their journey with the hospital. InstaCare is providing a low cost and easy to use clinic management system, that would help you a lot in day to day clinical operations. For further information please contact InstaCare.