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Coronavirus EMR Software in Pakistan Health Healthcare in Pakistan Technology
EMR software

Nowadays, when the coronavirus becomes a pandemic and is spreading rapidly in this situation telemedicine EMR software is the most useful tool. It enables you to consult with the doctor over the phone or computer and get your medicines prescribed online.

Moreover, through it, you can buy medicines, and book your lab test.

Telemedicine is the platform for patients to interact with the doctor through a video conference. Through it, healthcare providers can prescribe, diagnose, educate, and monitor the patient about their health.

Influence of Coronavirus on Society

We all know that coronavirus is a highly contagious virus and it spreads rapidly. We must try to protect ourselves by wearing a face mask and washing our hands frequently with soap and water. Moreover, we should also avoid exposure to unnecessary public places and crowds. The one who is suffering from it should isolate themselves from the healthy ones. If you are feeling any signs and symptoms of coronavirus which is discuss below then you have to take online consultation from a doctor.

Signs and symptoms of coronavirus

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Sneezing

What is the role of EMR software during the situation of COVID-19?

With the telemedicine EMR software, you can discuss your health condition with your health care provider remotely or easily and you can manage yourself at home without going to the hospital.

Telemedicine EMR software enables healthcare providers to ask relevant questions about the disease. The patient can discuss the signs, symptoms, and history with the doctor through a virtual visit. If the health of the patient concerns the doctor, they first send them to get their chest x-ray and blood test. After that, they can rule out the final diagnosis. Then the doctor takes a final decision either to let them stay at home or to get them admitted to the hospital.

The hospitals cannot manage the heavy volume of patients in this state of panic. But they can do that with the help of telemedicine EMR software. It can play a role in preventing coronavirus spread because it helps reduce people’s exposure to each other. It reduces the physical contact of the patient with the doctors.

Coronavirus spreads from people to people from airborne droplets, so you should be careful by going to overcrowded places. Like hospitals waiting areas are already busy and so overcrowded, that even if you are healthy and you go to crowded places then there is much chance you are affected by the virus or ant infection. If you are suffering from this virus then you also take prevention. The doctors are also at a high risk of affecting by the virus.

If you take remote consultation by the doctor, it can reduce the risk of getting exposed and infected. InstaCare provides the facility of Telemedicine EMR software through which you can consult with the doctor in a safe environment.

Through telemedicine, the doctor work by assessing the person remotely, who is facing the symptoms of coronavirus, and monitoring their progress. If deteriorated, they are shifted to hospitals. This technique helps in just shifting the patients who are having any complications. Also, it decreases the high volume of patients coming to the hospital’s emergency. The doctors and nurses also feel less stressed and can cope easily with the situation.

You need not wait for the doctors in long queues to get yourself checked. If a hospital is far away from your home, you need not plan out things and travel a lot of distance. The telemedicine EMR software helps you to consult with your doctor with a single click from the comfort of your home.

The InstaCare telemedicine EMR software enables you to buy medicines, get your lab test booked, reach your medical records, consult a doctor and read health articles to get knowledge regarding any disease and its treatment, all in one click online.

InstaCare provides its services in all the cities of Pakistan, and it has collaborated with reputable institutes. You can find a long list of doctors with different specializations.

By using the telemedicine EMR software, you can save others and yourself from catching the infection. It also helps conserve your energy, time, and efforts.