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What Is Government’s Response To Coronavirus In Pakistan?

Regarding, the government’s response to coronavirus, on March 13, the first meeting of the National Security Council (NHC) took place. The Prime Minister of Pakistan chaired the NHC meeting which includes top military and civil leadership. The purpose of the meeting was to look at the alarming threat to the health system. So he asked […]

Coronavirus Healthcare in Pakistan Practice Management Telemedicine

How Can Doctors Keep Going During Corona Outbreak Through Telemedicine

In today’s time of coronavirus outbreak, which has now become a pandemic, there is a heavy workload on healthcare professionals. They are at great risk of catching the infection. In Italy, out of 67,814 reported cases of coronavirus, 6205 cases are of health care workers according to the 25th march report. These statistics show that […]

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Disasters Due To Medication Errors And How To Avoid These?

Everyone has to take medicines at different stages of their life. They take the medicine or receive it to recover soon, but sometimes these medications can cause them serious damage or even cause death. In this article, we are going to discuss the causes, case studies, and prevention of medication errors. According to an estimate, […]

Clinic Management Software EMR Software in Pakistan Practice Management Telemedicine

How To Start Telemedicine In Pakistan

In the domain of healthcare, telemedicine is the hottest topic these days after realizing its significance due to Coronavirus Pandemic.  With the advancement in internet technologies and with the evolution of 3G,4G and 5G it is developing with lightning speed. While living in the 5th most populated country we can embrace telemedicine in Pakistan to […]

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Clinic Management System Can Reduce Your Burden In 5 Ways

When someone visits a clinic, it might seem organized and up to date, but making it look like that needs lots of effort, hard work, and passion, in short, it’s not an easy task. Several efforts and energy are required to organize patient data, managing accounts, keeping the track of appointments and giving timely reminders […]

Clinic Management Software Dental Software EMR Software in Pakistan Practice Management

How Can Doctors Be 300% Productive During Clinical Hours?

To discuss productivity during clinical hours among the doctors, nutritionists, dentists, and other health practitioners, it’s important first to define what is productivity. Productivity for a surgeon would be measured differently than a medical doctor. But in any case, we can see that it’s dependant on two things: time and number of patients treated. This […]

Clinic Management Software Dental Dental Software EMR Software in Pakistan Practice Management

Best Dental Clinic Management Software in Pakistan

The modern world is moving towards digital solutions. And it is a must for every businessman, artist, or social worker to take full advantage of these solutions. Otherwise, within 5 to 7 years, their existence will collapse. Now unlike every other person, the case with dentists in Pakistan is a bit different. The requirements of […]