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To discuss productivity during clinical hours among the doctors, nutritionists, dentists, and other health practitioners, it’s important first to define what is productivity. Productivity for a surgeon would be measured differently than a medical doctor. But in any case, we can see that it’s dependant on two things: time and number of patients treated. This productivity can be calculated by the ratio of these two numbers, known as the T-to-P index (time to patient index). This way you can calculate your productivity easily and can track your progress over time.

Productive During Clinical Hours

Now to increase productivity you shouldn’t increase the time. If you are working 8 hours a day, it’s enough for a balanced life. So one last thing is patients. If you increase the number of patients, the productivity will increase but also the time per patient will decrease. Therefore you have to make sure that the treatment won’t get compromised. This simply means that if you can do your daily clinic tasks speedily and accurately, you can save time, effort, cost, and hence be productive.

To be more productive in your daily clinic management, make sure

  • your patients arrive on time (Appointment Scheduling System)
  • you instruct them properly after diagnosis (Digital Treatment Planning)
  • your billing is not a hassle (Billing Management System)

How to make sure your patients arrive on time?

appointment scheduling system

Patients are also people like us. They never plan to be late and create a problem for their doctors. Most of the time, it’s just that in their daily schedule, they are so busy that they forget about the appointment, or something other appears at the same time which distracts them from their plans for an appointment. Now, to save this time, doctors can also help them. Most doctors do have a separate person who sends reminder messages which notifies the patients about their appointments. But humans can make mistakes. Instead of spending cost and effort on reminder messages, you can use a clinic management system which includes an Appointment Scheduling Software. This will send reminder messages in the morning automatically to the patients and you so they can plan things accordingly. Also if they want to reschedule something, they can inform you before time, so you can manage things accordingly.

How to make sure patients act on treatment plans?

Everyone wants to get well. Their visit to the doctor is the evidence that they are willing to do the effort. Now, this is a doctor’s job to guide them and don’t overburden them. But what can we do? The treatment, whatever it is, must be followed. In this situation, treatment plans can be of greater help. Digital Treatment Plans can assist doctors in explaining the required treatment, and patients can also understand these easily. This will save huge time that doctors spend on explaining things. The intuitive nature of treatment plans makes it easy to follow. Resulting in increased productivity.

How to make sure billing is not a hassle?

digitalize billing management for productive during clinical hours

In the modern world, nowhere finances are managed manually. There are digital methods through which these things are managed. Further, in the manual method, there is always a chance of making a mistake. Or at least, there’s always a fear that have I counted all the amount. Adding to that, you need to hire a person who’ll manage these things. Instead of all this hassle, a Clinic Management Software can easily ease this thing. A Billing Management System cuts all these procedures and gives you an easy and intuitive solution to this. It will keep track that which patient owes how much amount, how much has been received and how much is due. It’ll also keep track that how much amount is spent on daily tasks, and where it has been spent.

In short, transforming your daily tasks to a digital clinic management system will assist you in bringing the higher T-to-P index to your clinic and hence increasing your productivity. So if you want to increase productivity in your clinic, let us know.