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How To Get Lab Tests At Home?

Whenever you are facing any health issues, the doctor would ask you for a blood test screening. Lab tests are an important tool to make a diagnosis of any condition or disease. Without it, the doctors cannot surely state what is the real cause of the problem. Along with history, signs, and symptoms, blood tests […]

instacare telemedicine in pakistan

What Is Telehealth And How It Works In Pakistan?

Telehealth is defined as a platform that facilitates and delivers health care related services. It includes medical care, patient education, self-care tips, and health-related information. Telehealth is a mix of all the services, related to one’s health and diseases. It is a broader term than telemedicine, which is a platform to consult with a doctor. […]

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5 Tips To Avoid Obesity

Due to modernization, there is riding instead of walking and working in the cubicle instead of field making people over-weight. More worse case is obesity. Obesity is a condition in which the body accumulates excess fat causing health problems. It is very necessary to avoid obesity. It can cause severe health problems. Obesity puts you […]


What Makes A Healthy Iftar?

Iftar is a treat for Muslims, the time when they break their fast. It is so common to overeat in iftar because it is the first meal after fasting the whole day long. If you would overeat in iftar, it would be much more difficult for you to pray Taraweeh. Also overfilling your stomach would […]

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