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Clinic Management Software EMR Software in Pakistan

The question has been asked a million times regarding Clinic Management System and health practitioners often feel lost while searching for information they require. So to solve this problem here is all relevant information about Clinic Management Software in Pakistan.

What Is Clinic Management Software?

A Clinic Management Software (CMS) is a digital solution to your daily clinic jobs. From appointments to billing, a clinic management software can take care of all these jobs efficiently and reliably. We all use some to-do software for scheduling. Spreadsheets for budgeting and billing. Reminders software to inform our patients about their appointments. And other software for online consultation, prescription, and so on. It’s a mess honestly. What CMS does is, it brings all these software at one place and optimize these for doctors, fitness coaches, dentists, eye specialists, psychiatrists, in short, every health practitioner.

What are the benefits and features of Clinic Management Software?

As mentioned above, a CMS will take care of most of the jobs at your clinic. The benefits of Clinic Management Software depends on the features of the software we are talking about. Following is a list of features that an advanced clinic management software should have.

Patients Record Management

Patients are central to any health institution. A Clinic Management Software allows you to manage patient records so you can visit their medical history whenever you want.


Prescriptions are really important and you don’t want your patient to take the wrong dosage instead of what you recommended. Considering such instances, a CMS should assist you while writing the prescriptions and also keep an eye on medicines. Like nowadays, CMS can point out that whether two medicines contradict each other. Such kind of features creates ease for doctors.

Appointment Scheduling

Time is one of the most precious things in the modern world. An Electronic Medical Record (another word for CMS) will help you save your and your patient’s time. With the Appointment scheduling system, you’ll be able to plan the whole day, week, and month accordingly so there are no clashes between appointments. This way your patients know when is there turn and you also know when you can have a break and when to get back.

Billing Management

It’s always a hassle to keep an eye on finances. And no matter how much precision you practice, there’s always a fear that have I counted it correctly. This fear can be eliminated by using a reliable EMR software (Electronic Medical Record). This way, you’ll never need to worry about finance management.

Treatment Plan

It’s better to guide your patients in their treatment plans. Treatment plans are something that is not so common in our culture but is beneficial. Treatment plans draw a layout of what practices your patient is supposed to follow to get well. This way you can monitor if your patients are following the plan recommended and can make adjustments easily without confusing them a lot.


Telemedicine or remote consultation is the future. It is prevalent among doctors even today. What it does is that you talk to your patient via video call and then recommend medicines that reach his home from medical stores integrated with your EMR. Plus if you have recommended some tests, labs integrated with EMR will take care of that. One problem is that it’s difficult to diagnose properly via video call. It’s mostly used by psychiatrists today. Doctors use it mostly for quick check-ups or follow-ups.

Inventory Management (for Hospitals)

For hospitals and often for clinics, it’s difficult to keep track of inventory. An EMR allows you to keep track of your inventory so you can keep an eye on the resources being used and in case you want to order more, you can do it easily by vendor integration option.

Medical Tests Integration

It’s related to telemedicine. When you want a lab to provide test services to a patient, you can issue a notification and rest will be taken by them. In this way, you can save time and human power and get more productive.


Your patients will get a message on the day of their appointment. Plus you can easily send messages to multiple patients to inform about important announcements.

Tooth-Chart (for Dentists)

Dentists can use this chart for better navigation. It helps them in their treatment plans. What it contains is a mapping of teeth so it’s better to navigate between them.

Eye-Chart (for Eye Specialists)

A human eye is a complex machine. Although doctors have standard terms to identify these. But it gets really difficult to make patients understand these things for their satisfaction. Plus a graphical representation is more useful than just terms.

Clinic Management Softwares in Pakistan

In Pakistan the only Clinic Management Software providing all these features is Instacare. With international standards and with the lowest cost, it’s providing maximum value. For more information, comment below, or click here.