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electronic health record

The electronic medical record software is a system that keeps the record of all the ongoing activities and helps with its management. It serves as a complete directory of the patient that contains their name, age, gender, disease history, medication history, documented allergies, and all the other health conditions. With its use, healthcare providers can easily access the records of the patients with only a medical record number. This software has made keeping and managing information about the patient much simple and easy. Thereby, enabling you in increasing overall clinical productivity. Moreover, you can also save the cost you would invest in hiring people for different activities. The software would let you store all the details of the patient without any hassle.  It also enables you to transform your business activities into digital means. With it, you do not need to create tokens, bills, or documents by yourself. It will create all the documents digitally and you can share them with your clients as well. Hence, making it easy to interconnect with each other.

Electronic health records are better than paper records in many ways. Some of them are as follows.

Authorized users can access only

With paper records, anyone can access them. But with an electronic health record system, only authorized personnel who have access can reach the records. The administration gives certain login details to each person, and they can only login with a designated IP address.

More secure

With the paper record system stealing them is easy. One can fetch the records and discard them or keep them somewhere else. Whereas with an electronic health record system, the records remain safe and secure. Stealing them is not easy at all. No one can access the records without your permission.


Paper records can be easily lost or stolen. If your organization catches fire, all your paper records will be lost forever. Whereas with an electronic health record system, you can get them back with ease. Only you need to set up your system again.

One-click back up

To make other copies of a paper record system is hard. You can do that by making multiple photocopies of your record. But with an electronic health record system, you can back it up with a single click. You do not need to worry about the safety and backup of the data.

Less space

For paper records, you will need to have a particular separate space like a proper room to keep the records safely. But with an electronic health record system, you will not lose your space. Everything will remain and be stored on a cloud-based system without the need for a single inch of your room or hall. Eventually, you can utilize that space for something better.

Easily to fetch

To fetch paper records, you will have to spend a lot of time because you will be finding a single file in hundreds of them. But with electronic health record software, you can fetch the same records in minutes, all by a medical record number. Thereby, making your life easy.

Saves the overall cost

To fetch the paper records and to manage them, you will require a separate person. Maybe you need more than one person for its management and proper record keeping. But with an electronic health record system, you will not need a separate person just for the management of records. With it, a single person can manage many operations simultaneously.


Making changes to a paper record system is easy. Since many people have access to it. If anyone made changes to them, it will be hard to know who has done that. But with an electronic health record system, whenever, however, whoever makes the changes, will be recorded. It will be on record that a particular person made the particular changes at a designated time. It makes it easy to trace the person who has made some changes to it.

Record tampering

Someone can easily take off papers from the file or mix them in a paper record system. But with an electronic record system, no one can remove or tamper with the data. Not everyone has the access to change the records and whenever the authorities make a change, it will be recorded.

Improved patient care

The electronic record system gives its suggestion of diagnosis and treatment according to the history that the healthcare provider uploads. This feature helps in improving patient care by making an early and right diagnosis. Moreover, it makes sure that the right dose has been prescribed to the person according to the body mass index and comorbidities. These features are nowhere available with a paper record system.